“Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own.”

Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

The first step to seeing ourselves in a new light, is to let go of what we have done.
To realize that what we have been through and who we have been, does not have to define who we are today, in this moment, and in the future.
And in order to let go, we have to forgive.
To forgive others, but most importantly, to practice forgiveness with ourselves.
We all make mistakes—it’s inevitable; it’s human nature.
We say things we regret and do things we wish we could take back.
You can choose to treat yourself with unrelenting judgement and demeaning criticism.
You can choose to look at the situation through a black and white filter, letting a few negatives discount all your positive qualities.
Or, you can choose to treat yourself with compassionate curiosity, asking yourself gently, why you chose to act in a disagreeable manor?
You can choose to accept that what is done, is done, and you cannot go back and change what is in the past.
You can choose to make amends to anyone you have hurt.
And finally, you can choose to make amends within yourself.
You can choose to forgive yourself for being human.
You choose to learn from your falters, gather information on how to move forward, and grow.
You can let go, and start anew.
This choice is yours for the taking.
What will you choose?

“There was great clarity inside the pain, although, in truth, this was not a clarity that he would want to experience often; the price was too high.”

It by Stephen King

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