There was only supposed to be 50 Elite Fukushima Workers going back in the Nuclear plants, doing a suicide mission to save their country…

But then, 130 more Nuclear Plant workers decided to join them.

Now that, is BOLD.

They know they’re either going to die, or make it out alive with Thyroid Cancer, and yet, they still did it.

I will forever respect these anonymous workers, may their families be proud.

As the full moon approaches, its growing brightness tends to capture our attention.

The full moon occurs when the moon is on the opposite side of Earth from the sun, so that its face is fully illuminated by the sun’s light.

But any day of the month, the moon has some secrets up her sleeve. Here are 10 surprising and strange facts about Earth’s natural satellite that may surprise you.

The bacteria-based light is an experiential take on traditional chandeliers. Attached to the fixture are many Petri dishes that house actual DNA swabbed from the homeowners and visitors to create a network of living, breathing bacteria that interacts with the immediate environment.

Bacterioptica’s fluid design is meant to suggest movement and is achieved by a web of slinky fiber optic strands that hang ominously overhead, illuminated by headlights

Secret Identity of the Day: 17 years later, the former baby model who graces the cover of Notorious B.I.G.’s Ready to Die has finally come forward to identity himself.

18-year-old Bronx-native Keithroy Yearwood told the New York Daily News that his family received $150 for a two-hour session that landed him on the cover of Biggie’s debut album.

“It’s an honor to be on this album. I got chosen out of a lot of kids. I guess it’s the afro.”

DIY of the Day: The Incredible, Labelable Egg: Thingverse user dnewman used the Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories’ Eggbot kit to print a nutrition labeldirectly onto a solitary chicken egg.

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