In a few years, you may never have to recharge your phone again. Today scientists announced the first viable “nanogenerator,” a tiny computer chip that gets its power from body movements like snapping fingers or – eventually – your heartbeat.

A building made from 7,000 phone books. See, they’re still useful!

Life-Altering Pen Design Concept of the Day: The Edible Pen not only doesn’t mind when you chew it up — it openly welcomes your teeth marks. “90% of a pen you throw away,” says creator Dave Haskkens, so “why not eat it?”

Composed of 22 candy pieces and a small compartment filled with edible ink, the Edible Pen isn’t commercially available yet, so someone better damn well get on that.

Worst Nightmare Realized of the Day: When a seven-year-old girl in Hanover, Germany, lifted the lid of the toilet in her house, the last thing in the world she expected to find was a seven-foot-long boa constrictor staring back at her. But that’s precisely what she found.

The slithering sewer-dweller eventually made a U-turn down the S-bend, but not before police managed to snap a photo of the literal plumber’s snake.

A wildlife expert, offering a possible explanation, said “[p]eople buy these snakes when they are young and they grow very large very quickly and scare the life out of their owners who try to flush them down the lavatory or release them into the drains.”

brb, investing in a chamber pot.

Japan Earthquake: Two Weeks Later

A general night view taken with a long exposure, shows destroyed houses and debris in the tsunami-damaged city of Rikuzentakata on March 22, 2011.

Sightseeing of the Day: Redditor InternetKing says he spent an entire summer in China photographing folks partaking in what he termed the “Chinese Shirt Roll” (AKA the “Beijing Bikini”). Apparently this fashion trend has become wildly popular in certain parts of Southeast Asia as well.

FWIW, I am 100% on board with this particular vogue heading west.

Tweet of the Day: Awesome dad produces awesome daughter — you can explain that!

Stop The Presses of the Day: 22-year-old youth worker Charli Dickenson has gained international renown for spotting a house in his hometown of Swansea, South Wales, that looks like Hitler. “It was picked up by Jimmy Carr on his Twitter,” he told The Sun. “Now everyone is talking about it.” Indeed.

I guess Warhol got it just right when he said “In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes for posting a photo on the Internet of a house that kind of resembles Hitler but not really.”

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  1. ever thought of the guy may knows warhol, could be the reason he saw hitler in the house ….. by the way it defently looks like hitler . stupid but hilarious 😀

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