“It has been found that the human body emits light of intensity weaker than 1000 times the sensitivity of our naked eyes.

This emission is categorized in different phenomena of light emission from bioluminescence (found in creatures like fireflies and jellyfish) because it is believed to be a by-product of chemical energy reactions in the metabolic process, which transfer energy to fluorophores — molecular components responsible for fluorescence.”


human cow's milk

Two hundred cows in China have been genetically altered with human DNA to be able to produce “human” milk. Scientists behind the research hope the human milk will provide a “healthy” substitute for breast milk and cow’s milk-based infant formula.

The project involves cloning technology (only weirder) in which a cow embryo containing human DNA is implanted in a female cow. The embryo grows and is born and rasiesd a human-bovine hybrid on a dairy farm.

Despite the gross-out factor, concerns over ethics and health, researchers say the milk is safe to drink but has a “stronger taste.”

It’s estimated that the human/cow milk will be available at supermarkets within 10 years.

Your average store-bought milk contains between 200 and 300 million pus cells per liter and 10-20 milligrams of cholesterol per glass. I assume their claim that the cow/human milk hybrid being “healthy” is relative.

So This Happened of the Day: It may or may not surprise you to learn that the inaugural show of Charlie Sheen’s “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour didn’t go so well. And by “didn’t go so well,” I mean it could not have gone worse.

Taking the stage at the sold-out, 5,048-seat Fox Theatre in Detroit after a failed warm-up act and several false starts, Sheen attempted to stay on script for about 15 minutes before giving up and exclaiming, “Is anybody else as confused by this sh*t as I am?”

The show quickly descended into “a padded and disjointed mess,” according to EW’s Inside TV. Sheen quickly made matters worse by telling the audience he figured “Detroit was a good place to tell some crack stories,” and telling a disgruntled audience member “already got your f*cking money, dude.”

Many audience members stormed out long before Sheen exited stage left as his Snoop Dogg collaboration “Winning” fittingly played him out. One down, 21 to go.

Neither he nor his rep have yet to comment on tonight’s events.

Erin Gets Better of the Day: A sweet Irish anti-homophobic bullying PSA produced in support of BeLonG To Youth Services’ annual Stand Up! LGBT Awareness Week.

Incidentally, Ireland’s first gay couple to be joined in civil partnership without an exemption will conduct their ceremony today.


Recalled Burgers Have Drug Resistant Salmonella.

The recent Jennie-O turkey burger recall may be worse than previously thought. The company recalled 28-tons of turkey burgers last week due to reported illnesses and after further testing it appears the tainted patties harbor drug-resistant salmonella.

The salmonella is a super-strain that has evolved from exposure to antibiotics. This means that it can’t be killed with most available drug treatments.

Salmonella, and other bacteria, evolve to become drug resistant strains after being exposed to antibiotics over long periods of time.  Modern factory farms fed animals over 35 million pounds of antibiotics in 2010 in the US alone. This was a contributing factor to over superbug related 65,000 deaths that year.

Practices like this are meant to keep infections down when animals live is tight feces covered quarters but what they end up creating is far more dangerous.

I’m thinking Jennie-O’s stock is going to take quite a hit after this.

Potato Earth: Gravity satellite reveals what our planet REALLY looks like

At first glance it looks like a potato-shaped asteroid flying through space.

But this multi-coloured image is actually the Earth – and shows how gravity varies on different parts of the globe.

The images were unveiled today by the team behind the GOCE satellite at a conference in Munich and are the most accurate ever released.

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