When someone hurts you more than once, you deserve to be with someone better

“How high can a sycamore tree grow?
If you cut it down, then you’ll never know.”
When you cut yourself down, when you self-sabotage, you prevent yourself from witnessing the full-extent of your growth.
You forget that, like a tree, you are a process.
You stunt your growth when you limit yourself and doubt your abilities.
You trim your branches and eventually cut off your trunk altogether, because you assume that you would never have grown to be a beautiful tree anyway.
But in reality, you never gave yourself the chance to grow.
It’s time to water your roots with love and kindness
It’s time to nurture your trunk’s soul with compassionate curiosity and care.
It’s time to accept that you are deserving of being a beautiful tree.
That you are deserving of forgiveness for making mistakes.
And deserving of growth beyond them.
It’s time to grow to your greatest height, and brightest self.
It’s time.

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