More Pets Die in Delta Than Any Other Airline.

The Department of Transportation released information about the number of reported deaths and injuries of animals on planes in 2010.

The numbers show 39 deaths and 13 injuries to animals on airplanes in 2010 with Delta as the worst offender. Delta took the top spot with nearly 3 times as many reported deaths as the next worst airline.

Here’s the breakdown:

animal airline deaths

It’s best not to take your animal companions on planes. Being confined in a small space is not fun for anyone and most animals are forced to fly cargoclass! Don’t treat your friends as cargo and if forced to fly fido, avoid Delta.

New Kid on the Block Donnie Wahlberg — AKA The Other Wahlberg — helped a gravely-ill fan find a new kidney by retweeting her best friend’s urgent status update concerning the situation.

Bobbette Miller’s hospital, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, confirmed that Wahlberg led to six donor matches, and her transplant surgery is scheduled for June.

Dear Celebs: More of this please.

Henrietta Lacks – Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaHenrietta Lacks (August 18, 1920 – October 4, 1951) was an African Americanwoman who was the unwitting source of cells from her canceroustumor, which were cultured by George Otto Gey to create an immortalcell line for medical research. This is now known as the HeLa cell line.

Before Henrietta, the cells would only survive for a few days. The cells from Henrietta’s tumor were given to researcher George Gey, who “discovered that [Henrietta’s] cells did something they’d never seen before: They could be kept alive and grow.” This represented an enormous boon to medical and biological research. The cells were quickly put into mass production in the first-ever cell production factory.

Since they were put into mass production, Henrietta’s cells have been mailed to scientists around the globe for “research into cancerAIDS, the effects of radiation and toxic substances, gene mapping, and countless other scientific pursuits”. HeLa cells have been used to test human sensitivity to tape, glue, cosmetics, and many other products. Scientists have grown some 20 tons of her cells.

There are almost 11,000 patents involving HeLa cells.

As the fatality count from yesterday’s record-breaking tornado outbreak continues to rise — nearly 200 as of 10AM, with 128 in Alabama alone — attention turns to the devastation left in the wake of155 reported twisters (to compare, the average number of tornadoes for the entire month of April is 163).

Entire blocks leveled, and hundreds of thousands without power. “I don’t know how anyone survived,” Mayor Walter Maddox of hard-hit Tuscaloosa told CNN.

As the storm cell moves east and up the seaboard, The National Weather Service has issued tornado warnings in Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York.

While Kate Middleton’s Alexander McQueen wedding dress by Sarah Burton was quite a sight, it lacks the kind of legendary backstory that separates the contemporary from the instant classic:

This wedding dress was made from a nylon parachute that saved the groom’s life during World War II. Maj. Claude Hensinger, a B-29 pilot, and his crew, were returning from a bombing raid over Yowata, Japan, in August 1944 when their engine caught fire. The crew was forced to bail out. It was night and Major Hensinger landed on some rocks and suffered some minor injuries. During the night he used the parachute both as a pillow and a blanket. In the morning the crew was able to reassemble and were taken in by some friendly Chinese. He kept the parachute and used it as a way to propose to Ruth in 1947. He presented it to her and suggested she make a gown out of it for their wedding.

The dress — modeled after the one that appeared Gone with the Wind — is now on display at the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of American History.


If you share one investigation video this year, this should be it. Mercy for Animals released undercover footage of calf abuse from E6 Cattle in Texas that is more horrific and shocking than any I have ever seen.

The first shot opens up with a baby calf having her head smashed with a pickaxe. She is hit multiple times before she is finally killed. The video goes on to show calves having their hooves and horns cut off without anesthesia or stunning while they bleed to death in the back of a truck.

This type of expose is critical if we want to reform/end the industry so please share with your friends.

When it gets hard to watch, remember that an animal rights activist just like you risked everything to get this video and was forced to watch the bloody scenes in person. We owe it to them to share it with the world.

animal testing billboard

A pro-animal testing group has placed a billboard in Seattle, Washington in an attempt to frame the vivisection debate as a choice between saving children or saving rats.

The billboard has a picture of smiling child and a white rat and reads “who would you rather see live?” The ad deliberately places a break in the word “rather” to appear as “rat her.”

This a false argument that is meant to lead people into a philosophical debate removed from the actual scientific facts about animal testing. In reality, we are not faced with the choice of killing rats or allowing children to die. One does not have to die so the other can live.

No proof exists that animal models are better than computer, synthetic, or human models. A spokesman from anti-vivisection group PCRM told ABC news that “the billboard perpetuates an unproven premise that animals are essential to advancing human health.” He added, “90 percent of drugs that worked on animals failed in human trials.”

The billboard, if anything, is a sign that community support for animal testing is slipping and that vivisectors are going to keep spending millions on ad campaigns just to save face.

dog meat truck

Activists in China were able to throw a wrench in the dog meat industry when they organized a protest using twitter that saved 520 dogs from being turned into meat.

Over 200 activists blocked a road leading to a dog and cat meat slaughterhouse and refused to move for 16 hours before the dogs were purchased and saved.

Dog and cat meat is thought to promote bodily warmth and is very popular to eat in China during the winter months. The transport and production of dogs and cats for meat is still legal in China and many of the dogs on the truck were believed to have been stolen from their homes and picked off the street.

The truck driver faces no charges and the trade moves on but 520 dogs are alive today because a few dedicated people decided to stand up.

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