Hi lovely readers!

To any of you that have a Tumblr blog, I have now created one: her0inchic and you may follow me. Depending on the feedback and how well you guys like it I may simply continue there or just stay here.

I have a facebook page where I share things I do not share here on the blog (like notes, pictures, videos, and phrases). So to those of you that really enjoy reading or looking at what I always share, you can see my facebook page here.

I also have a personal facebook, for those of you that would rather send private messages, this is it.

I love you all, thanks for always reading ❤

7 thoughts on “Hi lovely readers!

  1. i don’t know why, i prefer your wordpress more. coz i feel here is quiet and full of the words from you and the thoughts from you, but inside tumblr, everybody was just reblog reblog reblog. hardly to feel the unique from you. hehe. but it’s good that you create a tumblr site for more people to read. love your today’s post a lot. =)

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