seal with pup

There are some really cool moms out there and in honor of their special day, check out what some of these are amazing animal moms do for their kids:


Mother pigs sing to their piglets to calm them while they’re nursing.


Studies have proven that mother chickens react with empathy, fear, and stress when their baby chicks are in danger.


Mother cows are extremely protective and must stay in contact with their calves for several months after birth.


Mother seals teach their pups to swim in tide pools to ensure a safe environment where the pup can learn.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. Be kind to your mom today and try to also be kind to everyone else’s mom too, even the animals.

baby goats

Last month we told you about Florida’s third attempt to ban sexual contact with animals (aka bestiality). Good news from the sunshine state, the ban has passed the legislature and is awaiting the signature of the governor!

The ban was inspired by the disturbing story of a pregnant pet goat, Meg, who was asphyxiated and died while being raped in 2007.

Welcome to the 21st century Florida! Now there’s one less state where you can legally sexually assault an animal. One down, 21 more states to go.

horse jumps wall

The horse racing and jumping season has begun and already injuries and deaths are being reported but this time it’s not the horses or the jockeys but the crowd.

During Austraila’s Grand Annual Steeplechase, a horse who had raced the previous day jumped the wall of their enclosure and landed straight down on top of spectators. Seven people, including a 2-year old and an 80-year old, were injured in the incident that officals call a “freak accident.”

The horse, Banna Strand, is described as having a “docile temperament.” Her owners say she jumped the 6-foot wall out of habit.  She saw the wall and did what she was trained to do.

This incident will be investigated as part of an ongoing review which officials are set determine whether the entire sport should be banned due to a high number of deaths. This season alone, 5 horses have died during competition in the Grand Annual andhundreds die in races around the world.

The future of steeplechasing looks dim. What we are witnessing is hopefully the last days of a cruel and pointless sport.

ocean garbage

In an effort to ease pressure on dwindling fish populations, the EU is going to pay fishermen to catch plastic instead.

The project will be tested first in the Mediterranean and all the plastic rounded up will be recycled. The mission is two-fold: clean up the oceans to protect marine and human life and ease the overfishing problem. Overfishing is caused largely by fishermen killing more than their alloted quota and dumping the excess fish, usually dead, back into the sea.

Every year, in the North Sea alone, over 1 million tons of fish are caught and thrown back dead into the ocean.

The plastic cleanup program will be funded initially by EU member states but it’s creators hope that the funds generated from recycling the trash will make the program self-sustaining.

This is what I’ve been hoping to see for a long time. Pay fishermen to stop fishing and use their boats to clean the ocean, funding the whole operation with the recycling money. Sounds perfect. Now if we could pay coal miners to plant trees I would die happy.

cold cuts

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) is recommending that anyone over the age of 50 heat cold cuts and other processed meats thoroughly before eating to avoid deadly listeria.

Eighty-five percent of all listeria cases are caused by cold meats and 1-in-5 infected people die.

Folks over 50 are at a much higher risk of being affected by listeria, a bacteria mostly found on cold meat that has been exposed to open air. Listeria is different from other foodborne bacteria because cells continue to grow on the meat even in extremely cold temperatures. This tricks many people who believe that just keeping their meat in the fridge means keeping it safe.

The CDC, and meat industry lobbying firm American Meat Institute, both warn that people over 50, those with compromised immune systems, and women who are pregnant need to heat hot dogs, cold cuts, and deli meats to at least 165 degrees before eating just to be safe.

Cold meats: if the listeria doesn’t kill you, the sodium might.

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