(by ðakleigh.)

(by axelhoney)

(by giuliaviola)

(by nicholas.strobelt)

Stressed Out? Visit a Forest

Forests — and other natural, green settings — can reduce stress, improve moods, reduce anger and aggressiveness and increase overall happiness.

Forest visits may also strengthen our immune system by increasing the activity and number of natural killer cells that destroy cancer cells.

Many studies show that after stressful or concentration-demanding situations, people recover faster and better in natural environments than in urban settings.

(by SLEEP)

(by Andrea Huemmer)

(by Bowm)

“Let ask you a question, in all the years you’ve ever undressed in front of a gentlemen, has he ever asked you to leave? Has he ever walked out—left?
Because he doesn’t care. He’s in a room with a naked girl, he’s won the lottery. I’m so tired of saying no and waking up in the morning and recalling every single thing I ate the day before; counting every calorie I consume so I know how much self-loathing I need to take into the shower. I’m going for it. I’ve got no interest in being obese. I’m just through with the guilt. So this is what I’m going to do, I am going to finish this pizza, and then we’re going to go and watch the soccer game, and tomorrow we’re going on a little date and buy ourselves bigger jeans.”

Eat Pray Love

by 24ribs

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