Just click on the picture above, then click on play,  then leave the mouse alone, sit back and enjoy a piece of creative brilliance.

If you do have the means to donate: shoes, pants, jackets, pillows, blankets, sheets, and towels are things needed by the homeless and the shelters they stay in.

What about the person that has to find your body, surrounded by blood?
What about the terror and pain that they’ll have to remember for the rest of their lives?
What about them having to feel guilty for being “too late” every day of their lives?
What about them holding your body and screaming in agony as they can’t even get the strength to leave you to get a phone to call for help?
What about the depression that you’ll leave them in?
What about them having to walk away, their clothes soaked in your blood and their tears?
What about them yelling at your paralytic body “Please live! I love you! I need you! Please.”?
What about all the tears you’ll cause people that you aren’t even aware of?

What the fuck about them?

Life is so fragile, and we fight for it every day —even against our own hands.
When you kill yourself, you’re also becoming a muderer.
You’re killing pieces of the people who love you.
You’re tearing holes into their hearts that can’t even seal with time.

“Soy América Latina, un pueblo sin piernas, pero que camina.”

Calle 13

I have no past—the steps have disappeared
the wind has blown them away

Oxytocin molecule, the hormone that makes one fall in love.

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