The three brothers, Voldemort, Snape, and Harry

One died for power, the other sought dead love, and the last greeted death as a old friend.

Dobby seriously is the ultimate badass.

Severus, please

When Charity Burbage’s last words were “Severus… please… we’re friends.”

Your cranium erupted with sadness.

It is easy to play the victim, point fingers at others, and blame situations.

It is difficult, however, to point our finger inward, to ourselves, and take responsibility for the decision we have made.

While we may be influenced by the people around us and our environment, we always have the ability and power to choose.

You may feel as though you had no options, or that you were being forced to choose a particular fate.

You may feel that this outcome was inevitable.

Nonetheless, you are the one who shapes the course your life takes, each day, with the decisions you make.

There will be times when you have poor judgement or make an unwise decision that leads to pain, disappointment, shame, or regret.

But, with this misstep, you will grow, and gain the knowledge and confidence, to take steps forward in a different direction.

It is only through the act of taking responsibility for our lives and our choices, accepting our imperfections, and allowing ourselves the opportunity to change, that we can find freedom.

I’m afraid we’re losing the real virtues of living life passionately, the sense of taking responsibility for who you are, the ability to make something of yourself and feeling good about life.

your life is yours to create. 

It might be true that there are six billion people in the world and counting. Nevertheless, what you do makes a difference. It makes a difference, first of all, in material terms. Makes a difference to other people and it sets an example.

In short, we should never simply write ourselves off and see ourselves as the victim of various forces. It’s always our decision who we are.

We discover in ourselves what others hide from us and we recognize in others what we hide from ourselves …

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