Adorable Doppelgängers: Brazilian Barack Obama lookalike Ananias Rodrigues da Silva surprised Francisco Helder Braga Fernandes — a São Paulo-based bar owner who has been repeatedly harassed for resembling Osama bin Laden — by showing up as his establishment unexpectedly. The two drank to each other’s health and posed for photos.

Fernandes sought to clarify that he was nothing like the real bin Laden: “I’m the bin Laden who likes peace, who does not like war,” he was quoted as saying.

Oh, that bin Laden.

Public Proposal: So the story is (ostensibly) this: Matt wanted to ask his girlfriend Ginny to marry him. So he arranged for her to be taken to seeFast Five in movie theater filled with her friends and family (unbeknownst to her). During the previews, a different sort of trailer aired: One in which Matt is shown asking Ginny’s dad for his daughter’s hand in marriage.

Long story short, she said yes. And the 100 strangers in attendance were rewarded with being the first people to ever get their money’s worth at a screening of a Fast and Furious sequel.

To me, whenever I see cancer patients laugh or smile, I envy their beauty.

Many may disagree with me, but I feel they are the most beautiful people on earth. Through all their pain and hardships, they seem to be able to conjure up a smile on their faces.

That is what I consider beauty. Not the skinny models we all flip through in magazines. These people should be our role models. These people define beauty.

She’s the prettiest girl I’ve ever seen.

Makeshift Convenience: With a few plastic crates, some cardboard, a small table, and the assistance of friends and family, 7-Eleven store owner Takashi Watanabe was able to re-open for business in the heart of hard-hit Miyagi prefecture two months after his establishment was destroyed by the earthquake and washed away by the subsequent tsunami.

This Isn’t Photoshopped: Today’s National Geographic Photo of the Day comes from photographer Frans Lanting, who captured this stunning shot of camel thorn tree set against an early morning backdrop for a feature on Namibia’s coastal parks.

More photos here.

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