Live TV Bomb: After watching Hangover II co-star Ed Helms host Satuday Night Live, Zach Galifianakis decided to amble on over to the MSNBC studios next door, bringing along comedian Nick Kroll and The Daily Show’s newest recruit, stand-up comic Al Madrigal.

All three snuck into the background of Veronica De La Cruz’s 1:30 AM news update, then stuck around to take this group photo. Cellphone footage of the boys doing their thing was later uploaded to YouTube.

First appearance together, Ashton, Angus and Cryer — It’s Raining ‘Men’

Floating Lantern 1 by Yang Tee Mon on Flickr.

Each year, the Lanna people of northern Thailand celebrate Yi Peng, a festival in which thousands of rice-paper lanterns, called khom loi, float like balloons in the night sky. Usually made from rice paper, as each khom loi is lit, the hot air causes the lantern to rise up into the air. It is said that khom loi are symbolic of worries and troubles flying away.

Don’t give up yet.

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