“That’s people.
We arrive, consume all we can and then leave. Like locusts.”


The few people who have knocked down the walls you built up and whom you trusted with all your heart are the ones you will never forget. When someone like that leaves, they take a little piece of your heart with them. And the hole in your heart you now have, it just constantly reminds you of the person who was the cause of it. And I guess that’s why people who placed their trust in the wrong people feel so messed up. Because every day, they feel those void, empty spaces within themselves and wonder when they’d feel whole again.

blucifer:  watched earthlings with my dad today.i made the click threw link to part one of the movie.everyone must watch this. Everyone.  Watch it. Repost it. Book a screening. 

Tanto miedo de vivir, tenía aquella mujer, que al descubrirse enamorada, murió de un ataque de pánico.

Una extraña mutación genética le otorgó a Javier García el poder de leer las mentes. Nunca se enteró de nada porque era analfabeto.


Ya nadie me escribe, creo que mi vida cambió de dirección.

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