A rare white kiwi — the first all-white chick to be hatched in captivity — was welcomed into the world by employees of the Pukaha Mount Bruce wildlife center on May 1st.

“The kiwi population on Little Barrier Island has birds with white markings and some white kiwi, but this was still a big surprise,” said Pukaha Mount Bruce Board Chairman Bob Francis in a press release.

Manukura — whose name means “of chiefly status” in Maori — was one of 14 chicks hatched in the most successful breeding season since the kiwi were reintroduced into the wild at Pukaha Mount Bruce eight years ago.

Sarosh Jacob goes for a dip in Jellyfish Lake on the island of Eil Malk, Palau.

Twelve thousand years ago these jellyfish became trapped in a natural basin on the island when the ocean receded. With no predators amongst them for thousands of years, they evolved into a new species that lost most of their stinging ability as they no longer had to protect themselves. They are pretty much harmless to humans although some people with very sensitive skin may get a minor irritation from them.

Fall fashion (by Jenni)

by 紫流

 fuckyeahcuteanimalss: Cute Overload

by elizabeth sarah

By the way, everyone should try liking Rooterville Sanctuary on Facebook, a beautiful place, providing safe haven for over 100 rescued animals.

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