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chihuahua puppy killed

Sex Offender Kills Puppy, Faces Life Sentence.

A California man faces the possibility of life in prison after killing a 6-week old Chihuahua by throwing her against a wall during a domestic dispute with his wife.

Convicted sex offender Bud Ruiz bought the 6-week old puppy for his wife as a Mother’s Day present. During an argument with his wife, Ruiz picked up the puppy and threw her against the wall, killing her. Ruiz’s wife defends him saying he’s been “wrongfully accused” because he supposedly just “tossed” the dog but also “tripped at the same time.”

Normally animal abuse of this nature would go unreported or involve a minor charge but Ruiz has a long criminal record of assault. Ruiz has four convictions for assault with a deadly weapon two of which were felonies. Under California’s three-strikes law, Ruiz faces 25 to life if convicted of the killing.

meat tick

Tick Bite Causes Allergy To Meat.

Doctors were baffled when patients in the Southern US andAustralia were reporting sudden allergies to meat when scientists discovered the unlikely source, the lone star tick.

Seventy-eight year old Peyton Thomas had always been a big meat eater when one summer he suddenly developed an allergy to beef, pork, and lamb. After visiting several doctors it was determined that Thomas had contracted a serious allergy to meat from a lone star tick. He could no longer eat his beloved meat without suffering serious consequences.

Doctors say the symptoms from an allergic reaction to meat can sneak up on a person. Someone with the allergy can eat meat for dinner and go to bed fine, they’ll wake up in the middle of the night covered in hives, swelling, struggling to breathe, cramping, having diarrhea, and passing out.

Even though the tick bite usually only causes people to be allergic to pork, beef, and lamb, doctors warn those afflicted to avoid all meat entirely just to be safe.

pig on a factory farm

Minnesota Investigation Ban is Dead.

Another one bites the dust.

A Minnesota bill that that would have outlawed the filming or photography of factory farms is officially dead. Similar bills were introduced in IowaFlorida, and New York with Florida and Minnesota’s bills both defeated.

Anti-animal rights groups who seek to hide abuse against animals on factory farms appear to be travelling the country trying to get one of these bills passed. Defeated in Florida and now in Minnesota, it looks like even mainstream middle Americans who eat meat don’t want a bill that makes food processing more secretive. The idea of denying factory farm undercover oversight doesn’t sit well with most people.

Thanks to everyone who spoke out against the ban. Let’s take the momentum of two consecutive victories to Iowa and New York.

EU animal testing ban

EU Animal Testing Ban Threatened.

The European Union recently promised to ban the sale of all cosmetics that were tested on animals by 2013 but representatives are now threatening to push the ban’s start date back 10 years to 2023.

The Humane Society of the United States has launched a petition campaign to get lawmakers to stick to the original timetable for implementing the ban. The petition already has close to 50,000 signatures including that of Academy Award winning actressDame Judi DenchIf we can all pass this to our friends and family, we can get it over 50,000 signatures by the end of this week easily.

Animal testing in the cosmetic industry is unnecessary and cruel. Hundreds of companies have done away with their animal testing divisions to help save money and to reap the benefits of being able claim cruelty-free status.

When the EU ban becomes active, millions of animals will be spared the cruel experiments of the cosmetic industry and the EU will become the first major region in the world to sell only cruelty-free cosmetics.

With the ban threatened it’s up to us to decide. Do we really want10 more years of animal testing in the EU?

Sign and send the petition here.

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