Most people don’t aim too high and miss. They aim too low and hit

You’re way too young to believe it’s not gonna be okay. You have a world of opportunities ahead of you. But don’t ONLY live for the future, just believe that this too shall pass. :)  (via furk)

society is wrong. dead wrong. we’re taught that exotic is beautiful. we’re taught to believe that miniature waists, and perfect tans are beautiful. we’re convinced that the blonde girls with the gorgeous smiles will win every time. but, the truth? originality is beautiful. big brown eyes, green eyes, blue eyes. curves. your natural skin tone is beautiful. your hair color, your smile. your voice, your laugh, your personality. every inch of you is beautiful, every single part of you shines with your essence. you, my dear? you’re lovely.

Sign Of The Times of the Day: If you falsely believe any of the first three increase a woman’s chances of getting raped, please peruse this.

“Pay no attention to what the critics say… Remember, a statue has never been set up in honor of a critic!”

Jean Sibelius (1865 – 1957)

“I felt good. That felt really good. I’ve never talked about it.” (x)

“Bastante trabajo me ha costado cometer mis pecados como para malbaratarlos en arrepentimientos vanos.”

Joaquín Sabina

People act like their nude photos magically end up everywhere. Hello, that’s not magic…. it’s you being a dumbass.

There’s nothing wrong with you darling,
it’s the chemicals in my brain that will not allow me to be fond of you

And you are too young and stupid to realize how young and stupid you are

You were once wild. Don’t let them tame you.

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