Mattel vows change after Greenpeace ‘Barbie’ campaign
Toy giant freezes purchases from supplier accused of deforestation.

donkey meat on airline

Airline Serves Diseased Donkey Meat.

An airline has been accused of serving passengers donkey meatfrom Tunisia despite warnings that meat from that country could be diseased.

Saudi Arabia Airlines has been accused of serving passengers donkey meat and telling them that is was from a different animal. From what very limited information there is on the incident, it appears the donkey meat arrived in Cairo for use at the local zoo. When shipments were jumbled, the meat was taken by the airline to serve to passengers.

Critics say that since non-Saudi officials took control of the company, the food quality on Saudi Arabia Airlines has drastically declined. They allege that in an effort to turn a greater profit, the food served on-board the aircraft has become “almost unfit for human consumption.” Hence, passengers munch on donkey meat for the duration of the flight.

Many people are upset about being served possibly diseased donkey meat. I hate to break it to you folks, it doesn’t matter what animal the meat came from because it’s all pretty much the same and it’s all pretty dangerous.

princeton cited by USDA

Princeton Cited for Animal Cruelty.

Princeton University’s neuroscience lab has received six citations from the USDA for excessive abuse of animals used for experimentation.

As if experimenting on primates for unnecessary research wasn’t cruel enough, Princeton has been cited for six different offenses that go beyond the acceptable levels of cruelty associated with animal testing. The most egregious of these offenses involves Princeton depriving animals of water for over 24 hours. USDA animal cruelty citations are nothing new for Princeton who’s seen as one of the worst violators of animal cruelty laws around.

In 2010, Princeton received 11 citations from the USDA. Inspectors were horrified when they found that primates were not given painkillers following brain surgery.

Every year, Princeton is cited for more violations of animal cruelty laws because they abuse animals beyond culturally acceptable limits. Not only do they perform cruel and unusual brain experiments on primates, they refuse drinking water and painkillers following these experimental surgeries. Even the most basic welfare accommodations are not provided.

Unfortunately, after 17 USDA citations, it feels like the only thing we’ve learned from all the years of experimentation at Princeton is just how careless and unkind humans can be toward other animals.

hamsters in trouble

France Must Save the Hamsters or Pay.

The European Court of Justice has ruled that the French government must do more to save the wild hamster or be forced to pay up to $24.6 million for what, in essence, amounts to environmental negligence.

Two years ago the wild hamster population was near 1,500 and now has fallen to just 800. An increasing amount of suburban sprawl and a shift to new types of crops planted in the Alsace of France have led to a rapid die-off of thousands of endangered wild hamsters. Urban development tears up hamster burrows and crops favored by the critters are being switched out. Hamsters love corn but the corn species being planted in the Alsace isn’t ripe when hamsters emerge from winter hibernation causing them to starve to death.

To correct these issues, the EU Court has ordered massive restraints in urbanization and development and is forcing farmers to plant summer ripening corn. These measures should save hundreds of burrows from being destroyed and give hungry hamsters some food to wake up to. Simple changes that will mean life or death for these little guys.

Hopefully France steps up to do their part to save the hamsters. It’s cool that the European Court can actually punish countries for not doing enough to protect animals and the environment. I hope we see more of that going on.


Airbus Reveals What Air Travel Will Look Like in 2050; The Cabin Will Offer Panoramic Views

Airbus Reveals What Air Travel Will Look Like in 2050; The Cabin Will Offer Panoramic Views


Natalie Portman has welcomed a baby boy! The actress and her fiancé Benjamin Millepied met on the set of “Black Swan” and had announced her pregnancy last December.

No details were immediately available.

J.K. Rowling to flatten $1.6 million home
‘Harry Potter’ author will use the new space to expand her personal garden.

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