Anyone who believes that a second is faster than a decade did not live life.

Some people are born with good looks or with the natural hand-eye coordination necessary to hit a fast ball. Others come from money or are naturally charismatic; they draw people to them in a way that just can’t be learned. Then there’s the rest of us. We’re nothing special. We’ll never be those people. We look at them and say it’s ok, but can’t even convince ourselves. Whether we choose to admit it or not, we want to be them or at least gain their approval. We want those people to see us as their equals. Known to many as “The Facebook Movie,” David Fincher’s The Social Network is not about the creation of one of the internet’s most successful websites. It’s not about becoming the world’s youngest billionaire. It’s not about greed and it’s not about power. The Social Network is a film about the inescapable need for acceptance inside each one of us.

what do i believe in? i believe in wearing the same jeans as yesterday. i believe in smiling at strangers. in being chaotic and crooked and compassionate. i believe in stars and the way some thousand year old dust of theirs is sitting inside your chest right now. i believe in luck and i believe in something much more marvelous and outside the stretch of my understanding. i believe in the sand beneath my toes. i believe in sun burns and getting your hands dirty. i believe in potential. in fireworks in the bottom of a waterlogged soul. i believe in love and wonder and magic at first sight, at after sight and ever and ever sight, at every single god damn sight. i believe in believing, i believe in reason and lack thereof. i believe in logic and sanity, and everything that undermines it. everything that says “fuck you” to all the rules. i believe in music being turned all the way up and the windows rolled down, i believe in things with and without words. i believe in unconditional and i believe in a love that isn’t jealous or selfish. i believe in things this world tells me are foolish, and i believe in them passionately and without apologies. i believe that science can only tell me how and history can only tell me when but neither can tell me why. i believe in being limitless and fascinated than confined and nodding my head. that’s what i believe in.

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