Refugees from Somalia are living in flimsy shelters made of sticks, string, and plastic in the desert of northeastern Kenya. View more photos in our slideshowDadaab, Kenya: Somali Refugees With Nowhere to Go

McDonald’s in Europe will now serve sustainable fish after persistent criticism from environmentalists. Americans could be just as loud and get positive results, too.

shit burger served hot

Japan Makes Burgers From Poop.

This is what a poopburger looks like.

Scientists in Japan are hoping to save the world from thedestructive nature of meat production by taking that burger you ate last night, waiting a few hours, and feeding it back to you. Introducing the world’s first known burger made from human feces.

Mitsyuki Ikeda, has developed a way to extract the protein found in poop, mix it with soy powder, add a pinch of seasoning, and serve it up hot (again). He says the heat used to cook the poop kills all the bad bacteria so people don’t have to worry about getting sick but the psychological effect of eating poop will be hard to overcome. Go figure.

Right now Ikeda is selling the burgers but they cost 10-20 times more than a beef burger because of research costs.

I’m glad people are concerned enough about meat’s impact on the environment to pay an absurd amount of money to eat a shit sandwich.

Watch this really neat video to see how poopburgers are born.

transparency of Pontiac

transparency of Pontiac

JK Rowling unveils mysterious Harry Potter website ‘Pottermore’ | Digital Spy

The Potter author launched – currently featuring just a logo, the message “Coming soon” and Rowling’s signature – on Wednesday, following a frenzied “Secret Street View” challenge.

Ten Potter websites were given co-ordinates which each pertained to a different letter in the Pottermore name, all of which were pieced together to reveal the website’s address.

While no further details have been revealed about the project, a source at, who has apparently seen the site, described it as “breathtaking in scope, detail and sheer beauty”.

A Pottermore Twitter account has also been set up at The name is said to have been the last patent recorded by Rowling, who registered the word internationally in July 2009.

In the North Pacific, loggerheads have declined by at least 80 percent. These two groups of loggerheads are in danger of extinction if we don’t act now.

The National Marine Fisheries Service is considering whether to reclassify the loggerhead sea turtle from threatened to endangered under the Federal Endangered Species Act. Reclassification would grant this species stronger protections. Loggerhead populations in U.S. waters are in danger of extinction and should be listed as such to get the protection they need.

Urge the US Government to protect these ancient sea creatures by updating their status to endangered and designating critical habitat »

DONATE to Oceana’s campaign for sea turtle protection.

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