“Around the end of 2012 to the very beginning of 2013, individuals will experience a trans-dimensional shift in their consciousness. Your body will change. You will become a hybridization of a being intermixed with flesh and light as the physical world and the ethereal plane intertwine and merge together. This is heaven being brought onto Earth. Your molecules will accelerate and you will simply be brought to a new Earth contained in what is known as the fourth density plane of existence. This will enhance human ability. We as beings will be capable of so much more after this shift. Our telepathy will naturally develop. We will became one mind. There will be no secrets anymore. Telepathy, telekinesis, manifestation, healing and every other trait that we call psychic abilities are going to be something that every human being on the planet will share. We will literally evolve from homo sapiens to the true human. This is who we really are.”

— Brad Johnson






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