AP: Magnitude 6.7 quake rattles Japan. No immediate reports of damage, injuries.

Infographic: Harry Potter and the Multibillion-Dollar Empire | Fast Company



T-shirt charges your phone by absorbing ambient sound
Shirts made of piezoelectric fabrics could make charging your portable electronics easier than ever.


Brave Poster: Pixar’s First Fairy Tale Does Darker, More Intense



M.I.A. and Versace’s Donatella Versace.
Photo: Courtesy of ‘W Magazine’/Max Vadukul

W paired iconic fashion designers with their musical soul mates and took a series of beautiful photos.


illegal clear cutter shot

Satellite Photos Bust Clearcutting Cattle Ranchers.

Cattle ranchers in Paraguay face jail time after their rainforest clear cutting activities were exposed by satellite photos.

The cattle ranchers were caught on satellite camera clear cutting over 4000 hectares of protected rainforest in Paraguay. The particular patch of land they were destroying is home to the indigenous Ayoreo Indians who rely on the forest for their survival. Because of the deforestation, members of the tribe have been forced off their land and are now in embroiled in numerous legal battles.

This happens everyday all over the world. In fact, 70% of all deforestation is the result of cattle farming. Cattle ranchers use to be able to hide their illegal clearcutting because they were able to find remote patches of land away from anyone who would see them break the law. With the use of satellite technology, illegal cattle ranchers and clearcutters have nowhere to hide.

Environmental groups are going all 007-CIA-Bourne Identity on illegal cattle ranchers. I love it.

Hey! Look! — It’s a brand new Pogo remix.

This is the video for my track ‘Bloom’, a patchwork of vocals and musical chords from various Disney films. I recorded the harp sample from ‘Sleeping Beauty’, and a series of chords from ‘A.I: Artificial Intelligence’ to form the base of the chorus. The vocals are sampled from Disney films, each of which are illustrated in this video.

Bam Margera speaks out on camera for the first time about the death of Jackass star Ryan Dunn.

“I’ve never lost anybody that I care about,” Margera told Fox 29 News. “He’s my best friend.”

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