Bear Cub Killed for Being Too Friendly.

This bear cub was euthanized this week for being too friendly and curious of humans near the Terra Nova National Park in Newfoundland, Canada.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife says the bear was so friendly to humans that there was no other choice than to euthanize him. They had made an attempt previously to relocate the little bear but he came back. He liked people but more importantly, liked the food they gave him.

The killing of this beloved little bear cub brings up the whole debate of over “wildlife management.” Humans move into animal territory and complain about being surrounded by animals. We take away the land animals depend on for survival and we get mad that they are attracted to our food and our garbage.

To me, the death of this little bear is a sad reminder of how screwed up our relationship with animals really is.

Iraqi boy, Ayad Brissam Karim, shows a picture of himself taken before his “accident.” US helicopters attacked the vegetable field where he played, leaving him blind and with burns to his face. Photo by Mauricio Lima

Also new: Banksy’s tribute to Brian Haw (click-through to Wikipedia for more info about this protester and peace campaigner)

I had to post this pic’s of a woman in Haiti and at first glance you would think she’s making art or possible plates to eat food off of..

Check out this video on youtube HTTP://WWW.YOUTUBE.COM/WATCH?V=S3337CJ4SJQ

This is actually food…when there is no food..this is what they have to eat, it’s a mixture of mostly dirt, salt and vegetable shortening. Basically it’s eat this, or they starve to death. Everyone should post a informative or meaningful blog once a we can all learn alittle bit more while we sit with our eyes glued to our computer/laptops which is really a electronic library.

Want Super-bugs With That?

Feeding antibiotics to healthy livestock is leading to an emerging human health crisis…by Barry Estabrook

Stuart Levy once kept a flock of chickens on a farm in the rolling countryside west of Boston. No ordinary farmer, Levy is a professor of molecular biology and microbiology and of medicine at Tufts University School of Medicine. This was decades ago, and his chickens were taking part in a never-before-conducted study. Half the birds received feed laced with a low-dose of antibiotics, which U.S. farmers routinely administer to healthy livestock — not to cure illness, but merely to increase the animals’ rates of growth. The other half of Levy’s flock received drug-free food.

Results started showing up almost instantly. Within two days, the treated animals began excreting feces containing E. coli bacteria that were resistant to tetracycline, the antibiotic in their feed. (E. Coli, most of which are harmless, normally live in the guts of chickens and other warm-blooded animals, including humans.) After three months, the chickens were also excreting bacteria resistant to such potent antibiotics as ampicillin, streptomycin, carbenacillin, and sulfonamides. Even though Levy had added only tetracycline to the feed, his chickens had somehow developed what scientists now call “multi-drug resistance” to a host of antibiotics that play important roles in treating infections in people. More frightening, although none of the members of the farm family tending the flock were taking antibiotics, they, too, soon began excreting drug-resistant strains of E. coli

(read more: One Earth)

First Look: John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe in The Raven |

Notice how they don’t show the shoes.

“Sharks Don’t Cry”

This is one of the most disgusting acts of animal cruelty I have ever seen. Some people seem to only have a problem with animal cruelty when it’s happening to something cute and fluffy – but practices like this are taking place worldwide on a daily basis and few people are even batting an eyelid. Tiger sharks are endangered to say the least. This clip is of a baby tiger shark, it’s fins are sliced off to be sold, and the bleeding, finless shark is then thrown back into the ocean to die. All this time the shark is still alive. It’s on land and it cannot breathe properly. Could you bear to watch a kitten have its paws cut off and left to die? Then why let this happen? Shark finning is still legal in many countries across the world. Help make it stop. 

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  1. I absolutely love this site but I think you should get some facts before posting things. The bear near Terra Nova, Newfoundland was not euthanized but was simply tranquilized and moved once again. I understand that you like to support animal and human rights all around the world but this is not a correct story.

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