Teen victim of brutal beating ‘not sure about forgiveness’

When South Carolina teen Carter Strange missed his curfew last Monday, his parents knew something was very wrong. But their worst fears were realized when they found their son, beaten almost to death by a mob of eight teens.Story

Botox Cuts 95% of Animal Tests.

After making one of the largest investments in cruelty-free cosmetics research ever, the makers of Botox have announced that their scientific advancements will eliminate more than 95% of the company’s animal testing.

Allergan, the makers of Botox, injected $65 million into scientific research aimed at reducing and eliminating the use of animals in experimentation. Their investment paid off with the creation of in vitro cell culture tests that satisfy FDA standards. The new in vitro tests will eliminate more than 95% of the company’s animal testing over the next three years.This translates into thousands of animals lives spared over the next few decades.

Botox has been widely criticized by animal rights advocates for their use of LD50 animal tests. LD50 tests are used to determine the lethal dose (LD) of a substance. The LD50 is found by giving animals more and more of the substance until only 50% of the participant animals die. The LD50 is one the most inefficient and cruel animal testing methods in existence and, thanks to their recent advances, is one that Botox no longer uses. 

A huge step in the right direction for Allergan and Botox. Perhaps in 50 years their legacy will be more about what they did to reduce animal testing in the cosmetics industry and less about how many faces they’ve helped paralyze.

Flights were delayed at New York City’s JFK Airport yesterday when about 150 diamondback terrapin turtles bounded across a runway en route to lay eggs in Jamaica Bay.  Officials collected some in a pickup truck to help speed their journeys; none of the turtles was reported harmed.

The 57,000-acre San Andres Refuge, which works to restore desert bighorn sheep, launched its quest for energy independence in 2005 and has implemented several significant energy-saving practices since.

Coca-Cola unveils living billboard
Thousands of Fukien tea plants make up the ad, which was created in partnership with the World Wildlife Federation.

Website: http://www.plus.google.com

“It’s not Facebook… but it’s like Facebook”. Google has finally unveiled Google+, the company’s top secret social layer that turns all of Google into one giant social network.

Find out how your four-legged friend can help boost your well-being.

Bonnie Wright in new Empire Magazine photoshoot | ONTD


If Celebrity Tweets Were Honest...

If Celebrity Tweets Were Honest…

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