Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

Franklin went vegetarian in his younger days to save money and help improve what he called “clarity of mind.” The life expectancyfor men in the 1700s was around 30 years and Franklin lived to be 84.

Happy 4th of July and make sure you eat your veggies.

Grocery Stores Against Piglet Abuse.

After Mercy for Animals released their latest investigation into abuse of piglets in pork industry, Safeway, Costco, and Krogers announced they would suspend all pork purchasing from the offending producers.

An undercover investigator from Mercy for Animals caught employees at Iowa Select Farms committing abuses against sows and piglets in their care. Male piglets were thrown across the room, had their tails and testicles ripped off, and mother sows were filmed in tiny metal cages so small they couldn’t turn around. Mercy for Animals immediately took the film to Iowa Select Farm’s biggest purchasers and convinced them to help.

Grocery store chains Safeway, Costco, and Krogers, some of Iowa Select’s largest customers, have agreed to stop buying pork from the offending company until a thorough independent investigation can be done.

It’s frightening to think that Iowa is trying to criminalize undercover investigations like this one. Even the worst abusers can prepare for a scheduled inspection. It’s when someone risks their own personal safety to catch animal abusers in the act that the industry is truly forced to change.

Trapped by their original purpose. Life sized piglet made out of bacon and sausages by Sophieh Powell & Bonnie Moriarty

Glow in the Dark Pork.

Next time you’re eating bacon, flip off the lights and check to make sure it’s not glowing in the dark.

A woman in Shanghai was startled when she awoke to find the pork on her kitchen table glowing bright blue in the dark. After reporters broke the story, local health department experts investigated the incident. They found that the blue glow came from phosphorescent bacteria living on the meat.

Chinese health officials say the bacteria is no different than theeveryday germs that live on pork other than they glow in the dark. Saying phosphorescent bacteria are similar to more common strains that are found on meat isn’t putting too many people at ease but it is good to know that they’re not from outer space.

From chickens being fed metal to pigs on steroids China is the subject of a new food related controversy almost every month. As bizarre as it is, the glowing meat incident is nothing out of the norm. Since the 16th-century, people have been reporting glowing meat products from Rome to Austria to Australia.

Glowing meat is terrifying and weird and they say it’s no more dangerous than non-glowing meat but for some reason that doesn’t bring me any comfort.

Great Kate!

Kate Moss, her John Galliano-designed wedding dress, and white bridal party finally revealed! See all the pics on Grazia Daily!

#DDB Paris creates Tropicana billboard powered by oranges

Ludwig Fichte solves a Rubik’s Cube in 31.5 seconds while freefalling from 4,300m on an inflatable boat.

And what have you done lately?

This is proof that no matter how great the brand, too much make-up is never good.

Ever wonder what a year’s worth of makeup looks like? Well, that’s exactly what Dutch artist duo Lernert & Sander set out to do. This Natural Beauty short film (meant to act as a performance art piece) has a powerful message about the excessive nature of cosmetics and the obsession with beauty and perfection that this society maintains. The “Natural Beauty” shoot emptied Ellis Faas cosmetics of seven bottles of foundation, two bottles of blush, two bottles of eye cream and three lip pens (side note: Ellis Faas lip pens are the greatest in the world).

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