Scientists discover why we crave chips and fries
The fats in chips and french fries make it hard to stop eating, according to a new study that finds that the foods trigger a surge of marijuana-like chemicals in the body.

Tests Show Milk Contains 20 Different Drugs.

Using a state-of-the-art test, scientists revealed that a single glass of milk contains 20 different drugs including painkillers, hormones, anti-fungals, and antibiotics. The dosages are so tiny that they are said to be harmless but the idea of pouring pills on your morning cereal is not too exciting.

Medicine filled milk is an unfortunate sign of the times. Animals on factory farms are fed 35 million pounds of antibiotics every year. People are throwing their prescription pills down toilets and into landfills where they dissolve and enter the water supply only to be absorbed by fish or drank by the animals we eat. It was even found recently that fish are being poisoned by Prozac in the water supply, damaging their normal brain function.

Whether you drink milk or not, it’s easy to look at these facts and say that more should be done to reduce or eliminate the amount of drugs given to animals on factory farms. There’s no reason we should be eating food that takes more drugs than we do.

Eating Fish Means Eating Plastic.

Scientists estimate that 1-in-10 fish in the Pacific have pieces of plastic inside their body due to highly polluted oceans.

Small fish, like anchovies and lanternfish, are ingesting large amounts of plastic debris that may appear like food. These small fish are sometimes consumed by humans directly or are eaten by larger fish like tuna (who are then consumed by humans). The plastic pieces are filled with toxins which are absorbed and compounded in the larger fish and then inside the human consumer. The toxic food chain.

The plastic bits are harmful to anyone who ingeststhem because they absorb PCBs and DDT. The toxicity of these harmful chemicals is compounded as they work their way up the food chain until they reach the dining room table.

This means that there is a 1-in-10 chance that a fish taken out of the Pacific Ocean is filled with plastic garbage. Yikes. Fish sticks of the future won’t just be de-boned, they’ll be recyclable.

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