Facebook Gets Video Chat: I can’t believe it took this long for ‘Catfish’ to become completely obsolete.

Bahamas bans shark fishing
The country is banning commercial fishing of sharks in its 243,000 square miles of water, along with the sale, import or export of shark products.

Pigeons recognize human faces, despite change of clothes
Untrained pigeons can recognize individual people’s faces and are not fooled by a change of clothes.

Oil spill in Yellowstone River is latest pipeline accident
An accident in Montana is the latest in a long and troubled couple of years for pipelines in America.

wooden sculptures by Randall Rosenthal

Here’s an image of the North Hollywood Medical Center aka Scrubs’ Sacred Heart Hospital on Riverside Dr being torn down on Tuesday. From Fanpop, by danero,tweeted by Bill Lawrence and Zach Braff.

Super depressing. Not that I was trying to break the hearts of all the fans of the show. On the bright side, Braff joked to Lawrence on Twitter, “Does this mean we’re not coming back?”

Also, this is where they’ve been shooting Children’s Hospital. In February Rob Corddry shared with Marc Maron on the WTF Podcast that the place would be torn down after they finished shooting. Does anyone know where Children’s Hospital will shoot moving forward?

Bangerter Homes, a Utah-based housing developer, is hard at work on the construction of a life-size replica of Carl and Ellie’s house from the Disney-Pixar film Up as part of the Herriman Towne Center’s 2011 Parade of Homes.

“I was just watching the movie, and thought, ‘We build houses kind of like that’,” said Blair Bangerter, co-owner of the home-building company with his two brothers. Bangerter told the Salt Lake Tribune that he and his brothers sought and received the approval of Disney Entertainment Group to recreate the now-iconic residence.

The trio had to modify some parts to accommodate real-world physics, and took a few liberties with the rooms not shown in the movie, but the rest is as true to the animated version as can be.

All told, the house (which naturally comes with its own home theater) covers 2,800 square feet, and sports a remarkably affordable price tag of $399k.

Balloons sold separately.

A 12-year-old girl from the east-Indian state of West Bengal took her own life last month in hopes that her organscould be used to help her ailing father and brother.

Mumpy Sarkar’s father Mridul was rapidly losing his vision and her older brother Monojit desperately needed a kidney transplant, so she decided to help her poor family receive the treatments they couldn’t afford by giving up her organs in death.

She drank from a bottle of Thiodan — a pesticide — after unsuccessfully trying to convince her sister Monica to join her cause. Mumpy then told her father she had “dreamt” of being forced to consume poison and was rushed to the hospital as her condition worsened. But it was too late.

Adding decidedly unneeded sorrow to this story, Mumpy’s suicide note was not discovered until a day after her body was cremated. “We were too late in understanding the feelings of a very sensitive child,” her father said.

In a single sliver of silver lining, a local state council representative who visited the family this week extended a promise of financial support for the treatment of the medical conditions Mumpy had hoped to cure.

24-year-old fashion icon Roland Bunce, the unlikely front-runner in a modeling competition sponsored by British clothing retailer Next, has claimed the top spot according to the contest website.

Sadly for his many fans, Bunce, who was to move on to the next stage of the “Make Me The Next Model” competition where 250 finalists will be judged down to 50, has announced his decision to withdraw his entry.

“thx for all the kind words and i really appreciate it but i wont be changing my mind,” he reportedly wrote on his Facebook page (sic throughout). “And cant go into all the reasons but jst know that the decision wasnt taken lightly and i can handle some insults but when ppl ring ur house and email ur work then its to far.”

According to British tabloid The Sun, Bunce beat out 5,000 other hopefuls with a total of 66,000 votes — 65,911 more than the first runner-up.

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