Harry Potter has reached out to an estimate of 200 countries, spoke out in over 69 languages and has touched the lives of more than 400 million people. It is the phenomenon that ignores race, age, gender or religion and it has brought us together despite all our differences. We are the Harry Potter generation. ϟ

HERMIONE: Harry, can you believe that we only get 7 years at Hogwarts?

HARRY: Yeah, but that’s what makes it so special. Sure, we have to go back home for the summer, but imagine how totally awesome going back’s gonna be. Till then, I got to go back to the Muggle world. They’re going to try to tell me this was’t real and none of this happened, but you know what? It was real. It did happen. We spent time here, we made friends here; it’s a part of us. Hogwarts is bigger than any of us…it’s bigger than any of its founders, and it’s going to be around long after we’re gone. Maybe we’ll see our kids come here one day. That’s the thing about Hogwarts: No matter how long you’re away from it, there’s always a way back.

Maggie: Well how many films take 10 years? That’s what stands out. Then you’re with this character for longer than you are with any other character ever. So thats… that’s the legacy. 

“There’s this group i refer to in private as the “big seven” and that’s dan, rupert, emma, matt, evanna, bonnie and tom. they do not know how much i love them.” – JK Rowling

‘When I get married,’ said Fred, tugging at the collar of his own robes, ‘I won’t be bothering with any of this nonsense. You can all wear what you like, and I’ll put a full Body-Bind Curse on Mum until it’s all over.’

‘When I get married’, said Fred

‘When I get married’, said Fred

‘When I get married’, said Fred

‘When I get married’, said Fred

When you realize that almost everyone will be able to see thestrals after the final battle at Hogwarts:


“I am a mad texter-I can do it with my eyes closed-because I am away so much; it’s the way I keep in touch with friends. My one big extravagance is my phone bill. I am always texting Dan and Rupert when we are not working. And we are always swapping girl and boy advice when we’re together. It’s quite funny-I am like, ‘Oh, I have got this text from a boy, what on earth do I say? What does this translate to in boy language? I don’t understand,’ and they will be like, ‘Well, this means this.’ I have got my own personal on-set boy text translators.”

– Emma Watson

(on Rupert) He’s a real eccentric.  He’s a genuine eccentric.  I’ve never been to his house but I would love to go because it just sounds like it’s full of the most magical, wonderful, and weird things.  He has llamas and miniature pigs and he’s bought a hovercraft and he has a cow on one of his roofs of his house in London and he bought an ice cream van that genuinely works.  And it’s funny because he’s this very quiet guy but kind of just loves crazy stuff.

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