Corporal Kelsey De Santis — the only female currently serving at the Martial Arts Center for Excellence at Marine Corps Base Quantico — turns the tables on Sgt. Scott Moore’s wingman Justin Timberlake by asking him to attend the Marine Corps Ball with her.

Meanwhile, Billy Bush reported on this morning’s Access Hollywood Live that Mila Kunis will not be going on a date with Sgt. Moore after all due to a work-related scheduling conflict. As I see it, Mila has two choices: Skip the movie shoots and go to the Marine Corps Ball with Sgt. Moore, or be branded a traitor for the rest of her days.

I’m sure she’ll make the right decision.

Planking, formerly known as the “lying down game,” may or may not have been invented by Tom Green in the early 90s.

The eccentric comedian took to Twitter yesterday to claim ownership over the invention of the phenomenon, with video proof of his “dead guy” stunt from 1994 — three years before alleged creators Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon planked their backyard.

“I don’t want to take anything away from anybody, but I do have video evidence,” Green told CNN. “The root of it, to me, is the absurdity of seeing someone lying there in the prone position as if they’ve died or passed out.”

Coke VS Coke light by DDB, Stockholm, Sweden

Location, Location, Location.
McCann, Portugal for Vitae homeless shelter: Help so that no one finds his Christmas Supper here.

26-Year Old Dies In Sausage Grinder.

The Occupational Health and Safety Association (OSHA) is investigating the Bar S sausage factory after a man fell to his death into a meat grinder.

Michael Raper, a 26-year old father of four, had just celebrated his birthday two days before he slipped and fell into an active meat grinder. The machine took both his legs and he later died of his injuries. Witnesses said his was fully conscious at the time of incident and said that he must have been in terrible agony.

Unfortunately, this type of accident happens more often then it shouldThirty-percent of all employees in the meat processing industry suffer serious injury while on the job. 

Can we just agree that sausage is not worth the risk?

animal testing

UK Animal Testing on the Rise.

The BBC is reporting that the number of animal experiments performed in the UK rose by 3% in 2010 to reach a total of 3.7 million.

The increase by over 105,000 more tests in one year alone has been blamed on the growing popularity of genetically modified (GM) animals used in laboratories. Relatively new, GM animal farms produce animals with genetic defects that mimic those found in humans and allow scientists to use animals to study diseases and birth defects with supposed improved accuracy.

The advent of GM animal testing may have increased the number of tests overall but it hasn’t helped animal testing’s shoddy record. Even with the latest advancements, 92% of all drugs that make it out of the animal testing phase fail in human trials. In addition, the treatments produced with animal testing actually make people ill. It doesn’t give people much comfort to know that 1-in-15 hospital admissions come from adverse reactions to drugs “proven” safe by animal testing.

There may be more animal testing going on in the UK but conducting more tests will never give scientists the validation or justification they seek. Animal abuse will never be good a method for unlocking the mysteries of the universe or curing the so-called incurable diseases. At the heart of the matter is this; creating pain and suffering will never lead to a cure for the world’s pain and suffering.

Woman Faces Jail for Planting Garden.

A Michigan woman faces up to 93-days in jail for planting an organic garden in her front yard where the city believes grass should grow instead.

After the city of Oak Park, Michigan tore up Julie Bass’ lawn to repair a sewage line, she thought she would be adventurous and use the space to grow an organic vegetable garden. She saw the project as a win-win. The garden would help combat increasing food costs for her family and teach kids in her suburban neighborhood the value of working hard to grow their food. However, city planners didn’t see it that way.

Oak Park has a local ordinance that states that residents are required to maintain “suitable” vegetation in their front yards and they say that Julie’s vegetable garden does not meet this requirement. The city of Oak Park does not believe that vegetables are “suitable” vegetation and want Bass to plant grass.  They ordered that the garden be removed immediately. Bass decided to stand her ground and for that she received a warning, then a misdemeanor, and now faces up to 93-days in jail.

It’s unfortunate that the city is wasting so much time and money prosecuting a woman who just wants to grow a damn garden in her front yard. Hopefully all the negative attention that the city is receiving will convince them to drop the case. Julie Bass is my new hero. Grow on!

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