“I don’t know. It’s quite a scary thought. I saw recently, they put on one of the DVDs, footage from our screen tests when we were first kind of auditioning. In one of them, there was a test with Emma and Dan with a different Ron, another kid who was auditioning at the same time. That was very weird to see that, because he was good. I probably would have picked him. It was weird to think what I’d be doing now. … I’d have probably gone down the art route. I wanted to design hats for a while when I was really young. And being an ice cream man was another dream, but I’ve kind of let go of that now. I bought an ice cream van and brought it up, actually, on the last day and served ice cream to the crew. I don’t really drive it too much now, because you get people queuing up on the street.”

Rupert Grint, if he wasn’t in Harry Potter

A child’s voice, however honest and true, is meaningless to those who’ve forgotten how to listen.

“Grandma had never gone to other people’s funerals. She found them insulting, and full of hypocrites most of the time. ‘Who cares if you go to a funeral?’ she would say. ‘What matters is how you treat people when they’re alive.’”

Katherine Taylor, Rules for Saying Goodbye

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