Could you say goodbye to your morning waffle? What about that evening glass of wine?
7 unlikely things global warming could take away

Brooklyn photographer Lori Nix isn’t your traditional photographer. She spends weeks, even months, hand-fashioning elaborate tabletop dioramas specifically to capture in just the right light with her camera. Without the aid of digital manipulations, Nix goes one step further and uses an old-fashioned 8 X 10 large format camera to shoot her pieces. All of her effort pays off big, as the results are beautiful, as well as mysterious and sometimes, haunting.

Whether it’s rising sea levels, desertification, torrential monsoons, melting glaciers or ocean acidification, climate change is rapidly altering the landscape of our planet. We may be one of the last generations to see some of the Earth’s most cherished places. Here’s our list of 10 places to see before they vanish.

A child picks up garbage during her summer break on July 20 in Guiyang, Guizhou Province, China. Many children from poor families in China take on jobs like this to pay their school fees.

Think before you take trash
About 60 percent of the trash found on the streets in the San Francisco Bay area is fast-food and convenience store items. That’s unnecessary.

Some simple steps:
• Don’t take more napkins, straws, utensils, etc. than you need. If you’re buying food for three people, take only three napkins.
• Tell the person who is packaging your food what you do and don’t need for napkins, utensils, straws and condiments.
• If you’re taking your convenience food home to be eaten, you can use your own utensils, napkins and even condiments.
• Say no to the bag. Take a look at the trash can right outside a convenience store. It’s full of bags from the store. People buy an item. It gets put in a bag. They leave the store. Take the item out and put the bag directly in the trash. It’s mind-boggling. Don’t take the bag in the first place.
• Take reusable coffee mugs to your coffee house or convenience store every time you get coffee to go.

‘Entourage’ star surprises with slim look
Jerry Ferrara, who plays the character ‘Turtle,’ says he traded burgers and fries for tofu and organic fruits and vegetables.

Dolphin healing powers could help humans
The mechanisms behind the dolphin’s ability to heal quickly from a shark bite (or any other injury) with apparent indifference to pain, resistance to infection, protection from bleeding out, and near-restoration of normal body contour might provide insights for the care of human injuries, one researcher says.

Fake Apple Store in China fools even the staff
The popularity of Apple products have spurred on a rash of similarly fake storefronts.

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