Yes, but so does China, where Apple’s iPhones and iPads are made by a company whose workers have a well-documented suicide rate whilethe Communist government helps protect Apple from theft of its intellectual property, so… Apple can keep its $76 billion (including the couple of hundred bucks I spent on my iPod Classic), thank you very much.

The Faces of Utoya Island.

Chili’s Serves Steak With Worms

A Chili’s restaurant in the UAE has been fined after serving up a steak crawling with worms.

After being served a worm infested steak, a Chili’s customer complained to the local health department in the Sharjah Municipality of the United Arab Emirates. Health department officials inspected the restaurant and slapped Chili’s with a fine for an undisclosed amount. It’s all part of Chili’s decline in health standards throughout the Middle-East. In June, a Chili’s location in Abu Dhabi was actually closed for a laundry list of offenses including “overflowing sewage.”

Without more details about the unsanitary conditions at Chili’s we can’t know for sure if the worms infested the meat at the restaurant or if they were in the meat when it arrived from the slaughterhouse. The whole thing isn’t too surprising, meat is generally full of worms and parasites but most are just cooked and killed before ingesting. One cubic inch of meat contains over a thousand parasite larvae. That’s like eating a thousand parasitic larvae in every bite.

The UAE location is just one of about a thousand Chili’s locations worldwide contributing to their parent company’s $716 million in yearly profits. You’d think with as much cash as the company has they could buy steak with less worms or at least a colder fridge.

Bloody Band-Aids, Pizza Hut’s New Topping

A Pizza Hut customer worries he contracted AIDS or Hepatitis from a bloody band-aid he found baked into his pizza.

After biting into a slice of Pizza Hut pizza last weak, Ken Weiczerza tasted something rubbery and dank. To his horror, the odd topping turned out to be a bloody used band-aidThe used bandage, and its juices, were actually baked into the pizza crust and Ken wants Pizza Hut to pay for HIV and Hepatitis tests. This reasonable request has so far gone unanswered.

Ken and his wife have been calling and writing the Pizza hut management for weeks trying to resolve the issue but have gotten the cold shoulder. Pizza Hut did however respond to media inquires about the incident and essentially called Ken a liar. A Pizza Hut representative told press “the bandage and the crust are not consistent with Pizza Hut protocol.” The problem is, Ken has never had an opportunity to show the restaurant the crust or the bandage so their denial is totally unfounded.

Would someone really go this far to get free HIV and Hepatitis tests?

You’ve heard of a one-horse town, but what about a one-person town? Scattered throughout the U.S. are places with populations you can count on one hand — and sometimes one finger. Some of these places were evacuated after environmental disasters, others simply saw residents move away as economic opportunities faded. But each of these places has an intriguing story worth telling, and each one is home to some unique residents … or a unique resident. So check out these lonely locations, grab some friends, and plot out a population-doubling road trip.
12 U.S. places where your visit could double the population

The Aral Sea is the poster child for large, dried-up bodies of water. If you travel to the Aral Sea, which sits on the border between Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, you’ll find a disconnected collection of small ponds of sea water sitting in a dusty bowl that held what used to be one large body of water.

7 lakes and rivers that are drying up


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