Singer-songwriter Gavin DeGraw was jumped by three men in the East Village last night, according to a police report.

A “dazed and confused” DeGraw then stumbled 13 blocks before being struck by a cab.

He was rushed to Bellevue Hospital’s emergency room with multiple injuries, including a concussion, black eyes, and various cuts and bruises. His injuries are not considered life threatening, and he is currently listed in stable condition.

“Police are conducting an investigation of the attack,” a rep for DeGraw told TMZ. “Gavin and his family appreciate everyone’s concern at this time. We have no information yet regarding his upcoming concert dates and promotion for his new album.”

Maurice Johnson, a 55-year-old down-on-his-luck Bostonian, challenges the popular perception of homeless people by being an unemployed aerospace engineer with two Master’s degrees.

USDA Found Cargill Salmonella in ‘10.

News about the recent recall of 36 million pounds of salmonella contaminated turkey meat just keeps getting worse and it appears that USDA is partly to blame.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the USDA knew about the deadly salmonella contamination at Cargill in 2010 but didn’t issue a recall until August 3rd of 2011. “We have constraints when it comes to salmonella,” says USDA Health official Elizabeth Hagen. It turns out that salmonella is not necessarily considered a food contaminant until it kills or injures someone. Fast-forward to summer 2011, 1 person is dead and 77 people are seriously ill from eating Cargill turkey.

In 2010, the USDA found salmonella in the turkey tests at the packing plant in Arkansas and at four grocery store tests around the country. They failed to even notify Cargill until July 29th, 2011. Cargill, at least in this case, acted fast to impose a recall and it was actually the USDA who dragged their feet.

The fact that the presence of salmonella on a product isn’t cause for a recall until someone gets hurt makes me think there’s probably salmonella on lots of products and the USDA is just playing Russian roulette.

Tofurky Builds $10 Million Eco-factory.

Turtle Islands Foods, the makers of Tofurky products, announced that they’re planning to build a $10 million eco-friendly processing plant.

The plant will be one of the most eco-friendly food processing facilities in the country. It will be solar powered, high efficiency, and also recycle water used in food processing to heat and cool the 33,000 square foot building. Made from 45% recycled materials, the factory will also have a charging station where members of the public can juice up their electric cars for free.

Turtle Island vegan products are blowing up. The company anticipates a 25% increase in sales over the next year as their distribution continues to expand. When the new factory is finally completed, Turtle Island foods will have to double their staff just to keep up with demand.

Congratulations to Turtle Island. Great people doing meaningful business. It seems like the companies who are already cool tend to keep getting cooler while the companies that suck keep getting suckier. Maybe Turtle Island can show the world a more responsible business model where you can save the planet and get rich at the same time.

American Apparel CEO’s BBQ Joint.

Dov Charney, the notorious CEO/founder of the nearly bankrupt hipster fashion house American Apparel, is investing in a New York BBQ restaurant.

The new BBQ restaurant is set to open in New York’s Lower East Side and serve traditional BBQ fare including fried pork chops and lard biscuits with red-eye gravy. The restaurant’s co-owner and head chef says they’ll also serve the food he grew up eating like pickled pigs feet and pickled eggs. I can’t tell if this will be a restaurant or a backdrop for Fear Factor.

Dov Charney made American Apparel into a household name and inspired an entire generation of hipsters but sadly he’s squandered it all. After numerous rape and sexual assault allegations, controversial advertising, and a number of shady accounting deals American Apparel is on thebrink of bankruptcy. The new BBQ venture feels like Charney is abandoning ship and trying something completely new.

The best part of this new BBQ restaurant is Dov Charney. With him on board, the thing is practically guaranteed to fail.

Starbucks Bistro Boxes Have Listeria.

Fresh out of the gate with their much hyped Bistro Boxes, Starbucks is now being rattled by a massive recall due to the presence of deadly Listeria on their cold meat meals.

So far, Listeria has been discovered in the chicken, salami, and cheese bistro boxes in Alabama and Georgia. No known cases of illness have been reported in connection with the products but the USDA has mandated that they be pulled from the shelves in these states. This must be a bad case because the USDA has a terrible track record for being able to identify diseased meat and they’re the first to admit it.

Listeria is a sneaky bacteria because it grows on meats even in cold temperatures. It is potentially fatal if consumed and extremely dangerous to children, the elderly, and the immuno-compromised.

Kudos to the USDA for spotting this one early and heading off what could have been a PR disaster for Starbucks.

The wallet of a 9-year-old boy from Poquoson, Virginia, was returned to the 7-Eleven for which it was taken after The Daily Press printed a heartfelt letter Charlie left behind for the thief (see above).

“I hope whoever has it needed it more than me,” said Charlie in his letter.

The 7-Eleven’s store manager Marvin Ward told the paper an unidentified woman returned the wallet with its contents intact.

On the one hand, this is shameless marketing opportunism aimed at exploiting a serious social issue for capital gain.

On the other hand, exactly.

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