“You can’t change your situation. The only thing you can change is how you choose to deal with that.”


53. When Snape first found the Mirror of Erised in an abandoned classroom, he saw none other than Lily Evans, smiling and laughing – completely happy. One day, he decided that he had to tell her everything. So, the night before James’ and Lily’s wedding, he went to Godric’s Hollow. He looked up at their house, and saw standing in the first window of the second floor – Lily. It would be easy enough, to just waltz in and say those three words – I love you – that would explain it all. But as Snape looked at Lily, he saw that she was brooding over her wedding dress, smiling and laughing, exactly how she was in the mirror. She was happy. And that was what the mirror showed Snape: Lily Evans, as happy as she could be. Snape did not see Lily with him in the mirror, nor did he see Lily without James, he simply saw her as the one thing he wanted her to be: happy. So Snape left Godric’s Hollow, and left with the knowledge that he had what he truly wanted. He wanted Lily Evans to be happy, and she was.

“I know I’ll miss it. I’ll miss my friends. There’ll never be a frame of any of these films that I don’t look at and connect immediately to a memory.” -Dan

“I don’t know, how do I put that into words. I mean, what an incredible experience. I just feel so blessed I was chosen, I was given the chance to experience all of this and have this be part of my life. We were the chosen ones. Yeah.” -Emma

“I don’t know, just everyone, really, the people, and this place and maybe just being Ron as well. It’s been ten years of, yeah…I’m gonna miss playing Ron.” -Rupert

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