11-year-old Caroline Gonzalez was “mayor for a day” in Forney, Texas. Her first order of business: Name a street after her idol, Justin Bieber.

Why? “Because I really like Justin Bieber,” Gonzalez told E! News. “I like his music and I like him. And I thought, why not have a street in my hometown named after my favorite singer?”

You are now living in a world in which Justin Bieber has a street named after him. Sleep tight.

Germ from Human Feces Makes Deadly Leap to Coral

by Wynne Parry

A strange new menace has joined the long list of threats to corals, the tiny reef-building animals that create important habitat in our oceans. A bacterium that attacks humans is also killing off a species of coral in the Caribbean, elkhorn coral, according to  researchers who proved the link by infecting fragments of the coral with bacteria from human sewage.

“This is quite an unusual discovery. It is the first time ever that a human disease has been shown to kill an invertebrate,” said University of Georgiaprofessor James Porter, one of the study researchers. “This is unusual because we humans usually get disease from wildlife, and this is the other way around.”

In humans, the pathogen Serratia marcescens is opportunistic, causing respiratory, wound and urinary tract infections. In coral, it causes a disease Porter and colleagues have dubbed “white pox” for the white scars that appear on infected elkhorn coral. These scars appear where the coral’s living tissue has disappeared, leaving only its skeleton…

(read more: Live Science)

Jennifer McKendrick (AKA Jen McKen), a self-employed photographer from Pennsylvania, recently came across a Facebook page created by a number of teenage girls as a sort of “Burn Book” for the purposes of “say[ing] mean and hurtful things about their class mates.”

“It was beyond ‘your clothes are ugly’ or ‘you don’t have any brand clothes’ or ‘you are ugly, your hair is not right,” she told 6 News. “It was vicious. It was talking about sexuality.”

McKendrick recognized some of these girls as clients who had senior picture photoshoots scheduled with her. She promptly sent those girls (and their parents) an email letting them know that she will not be able to proceed with the sessions.

“[H]ow I could spend 2 hours with someone during our session trying to take beautiful photos of them knowing they could do such UGLY things,” she wrote on her blog. “Realistically, I know by canceling their shoots it’s not going to make them ‘nicer people’ but I refuse to let people like that represent my business.”

McKendrick says she’s received emails back from two of the girls’ parents, expressing shock at their daughters’ actions and apologizing for their behavior. “So far I haven’t received any backlash but I’m ready for it,” says McKen, who understands that this decision may affect her business.

But her new policy stands, cemented with a powerful motto: “If you are ugly on the inside, I’m sorry but I won’t take your photos to make you look pretty on the outside.”

This Is All Kind Of Wrong: Russian-born, Toronto-based illustrator and webcomic creator Vitaly S. Alexius — better known as Alexiuss — recently discovered that a man named Chad Love-Lieberman, who claims to be a “multimedia pop artist” and the nephew of Senator Joe Lieberman, has been using his recently launched website art4love.com to sell artwork stolen from deviantART for thousands of dollars.

Turns out, Alexius is far from alone. Digger creator Ursula Vernon has also had her artwork reclaimed by Love-Lieberman. As has Deirdre Reynolds, who started keeping a list of stolen artwork that got so long she could no longer update it. Campus Socialite recently updated a post about Love-Lieberman’s balls to reflect the fact that he is “a fraud,” but a gushing South Florida Chronicle profile, which features photos of stolen artwork attributed to Love-Lieberman, remains intact.

Meanwhile, both art4love.com and its affiliate, MarkYourSpot.com — owned by Craig Pravda — have been taken down, reportedly due to the myriad copyright infringements (screenshots can be found here).

Alexius has launched a class-action lawsuit on behalf of the deviantARTists wronged by Love-Lieberman and his partner. You can find out more here, or donate to the cause via PayPal.

 Alligator Fat, The New Bio-Fuel.

Looking to justify the slaughter of thousands of captive and wild alligators every year, scientists are hard at work trying to develop a way to turn alligator fat into fuel.

Alligator farming is big business. Facilities all over America raise gators in tiny concrete tanks to use their skin for fashion and their teeth presumably forCrocodile Dundee merch. Some of these facilities house over 10,000 gators at any given time. People in the industry are getting tired however of taking the just the skin meat, and teeth while discarding the gator corpse so scientists have a plan, “gator fuel.”

Researchers are currently working to take the estimated 15 million pounds of discarded gator fat and turn it into bio-fuel. They say that it might be possible to turn all that discarded fat into 1.25 million gallons of fuel. Lovely…

Can we just have a damn solar car already?  We could at least go dumpster diving behind liposuction clinics before we start relying on gator fat to power our SUVs.

The Original Horseman Photo
3 kids horesemanHuffPost Comedy's Katla and Christine
Blue Bin Horsemaning

Horsemaning Is The Latest Photo-Posing Trend

Horsemaning, which takes its name from the Headless Horseman, gives the impression that the photo’s subject has been decapitated. One person hides their head as best they can, and another hides their body, creating a kind of optical illusion if it’s done right. It was reportedly a popular way to take photos in the 1920’s, and after one old photo started making the rounds on sites like Buzzfeed, people have gotten inspired.

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