Sick Ringling Elephant Collapses

An elephant in the Ringling Bros. Circus was filmed by activistsafter she collapsed on a sidewalk following an Anaheim, California performance.

The 54-year old Asian elephant, Sarah, was filmed lying totally still on an Anaheim sidewalk. Ringling Bros. crew members gathered around her struggling to keep concerned onlookers away. The incident is one more piece of evidence in the ongoing case against Ringling and their use of animals for profit entertainment.

Sarah’s public collapse couldn’t come at a worse time for Ringling. Just last month, the circus was cited for violations of the Animal Welfare Act when they were discovered to be withholding vet care from Sarah. The elephant suffers from a difficult to treat infection which Ringling’s own records reveal they have failed to treat properly.

Basic care and a little compassion could have prevented her illness from getting this out of control but the only thing that would have saved her would have been retirement. Still, Ringling maintains that Sarah’s collapse was an accident and in no way related to her health.

Fugitive Cow Still On The Lam

A brave cow in Germany escaped a slaughterhouse in May when she was mere moments away from being turned into ground beef. She is still on the loose and officials are calling in reinforcements.

While she was being prepared for slaughter, 6-year old cow, Yvonne, sensed that something was just not right. Presumably hip to the fact that she was about to be brutally slaughtered for meat, Yvonne busted down an electric fence in May and has been on the run from her captors ever since.

Millions of people are rooting Yvonne on. A German newspaper wrote that the sweet cow is “a kind of freedom fighter for the animal loving German republic.” When German officials started urging hunters to shoot and kill Yvonne on sight, a local tabloid responded by offering a 10,000 euro reward for her safe capture.

Along with calling in hunters, officials have deployed the muskiest male bull they could find. They are hoping that the bull will be able to track Yvonne and that she will seek the male out of curiosity.

I say let the girl roam. She is a inspirational hero and her escape is more evidence that animals are feeling and thinking beings who won’t be led to their deaths with heads hung and without resistance. Sometimes just fighting back, even if you ultimately lose, is enough to forever impact your oppressor.

Food Network Stops Using Shark Meat

The Food Network has formally agreed to stop cooking with and promoting the use of shark meat.


Over 73 million sharks are caught and killed every year. Over fishing of sharks and their prey has led to a population decline of over 90% of all the world’s sharks in the last few years. Seemingly unaware of the damage their cooking is causing the planet, The Food Network and the Cooking Channel have been promoting the use of shark meat for years. launched a petition earlier this month aimed at getting the network to stop encouraging people to use the threatened species. After only 10 days, the petition had 30,000 signatures from angry views and the Food Network decided to do the right thing. The channel issued a statement on their decision saying:


“we will make sure that future content does not highlight shark as an ingredient. We understand there are many species with sustainability concerns, and we make efforts to stay informed and pass that information on to our audience.”


Even though the wording is a little loose, at least we have this much to hold against them if they ever do “highlight” shark meat as an ingredient again.


Not eating sharks is just one little thing you can do to save the species. Not eating fish at all is an even better.

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