21 is about my first grown up, intense relationship. It was all or nothing. We did everything together. I changed in a million ways when I was with him. In good ways and probably in bad ways. My friends and family hated him but I loved him. He just made me eager for life in general. And hungry to learn about things. We just fell out of love, it was devastating. There was nothing to blame. Not like my first boyfriend, who cheated on me. So that was like, “you slept with another girl, that’s why we’re not together.” I felt like a complete failure and only recovered about three months ago. This time I don’t know what I did wrong. He didn’t do anything wrong. We just stopped loving each other which was more devastating than having a specific reason. It was the love of my life and it was just bad timing.


The Beatles by Avedon 1968

The Beatles by Avedon 1968

Want one

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