Artist: Edgar Askelovic

The Birmingham-based artist Edgar Askelovic has unveiled a striking new sculpture which attempts to depict what Andy Warhol would look like if he were still alive, aged 83. The piece took three months to create (working most days until 4am) and was completed just in time for Warhol’s 83rd birthday on 6 August, 2011. Askelovic even sold his car to get the money he needed to buy the silicone and clay materials. Now that’s what I call passion! 

Scientists in Spain are onto a new process that allows them to turn a cheese byproduct called whey into thin plastic wrap.

Whey collected from cheese making can be broken down, filtered, and sprayed to create thin layers. They layers are combined to create a tough plastic film. The plastic film is air-tight, water resistant, and can be degraded with the use of a special enzyme bath.

The European Union generates 50 million tons of leftover whey and up to 40% of that whey gets trashed. The world already discards 120 billion pounds of plastic a year so biodegradable whey plastic might help reduce the amount of plastic sitting in landfills.

Whey plastic seems all well and good but I do have a big concern. The plastics would be used mainly to wrap food products, does this mean that vegans won’t just have to read food ingredient labels but they’ll also need to check to see what type of plastic it’s wrapped in?

Buying a product that was wrapped in cheese plastic helps fund the dairy industry. Even though the whey is seen as a waste/byproduct, cheese manufactures can sell what would have otherwise been thrown away and generate huge profits.

Kudos for making plastic from waste.

Waste pollution from a vast network of dairies in New Zealand has been flowing into a local lake to make it the most polluted body of water in the country but the dairy industry refuses to take the blame.

Lake Ellesmere has become New Zealand’s most polluted lake. Waste water run-off from the dairies in the area have collected in the lake and effectively destroyed the ecosystem. After years of resistance, the dairies are accepting a tiny amount of blame and have agreed to commit $1.2 million of the total $12 million that will be needed for the clean-up. Their excuse for the limited assistance is that the community bears “collective responsibility.”

It’s hard to believe that the dairy industry, who contributed 99.99% of the pollution to Lake Ellesmere, can get away with providing 1/10th of the clean-up funds. The rest of the $10.8 million will be taken from tax payers and tribal organizations in the area.

There are currently 45 farms, some with over 5000 cows each, all dumping waste into Lake Ellesmere. Until the government can control the flow of pollution from dairies, any money spent on clean-up is going to go right down the drain.

A New York Housing Authority worker snapped a disturbing picture of himself after he used a pitchfork to stab and kill a 3-foot long rat at the Marcy Houses in Brooklyn.

Jose Rivera beat and stabbed the giant rat after he was startled. Jose told press, “I hit it one time and it was still moving. I hit it another time and that’s when it died.” Classy.

This particular rat was not your typical New York City rodent. Wildlife experts who saw the photo said he appeared to be a Gambian pouched rat. The big guy was imported illegally and most likely kept as a pet before he escaped or was abandoned. Gambian pouched rats are loved for their social nature and their ability to be domesticated. They like being with people and are often compared to cats and small dogs.

Before he was killed, the pouched rat had joined up with a crew of smaller NYC rats. Residents reported that the rat pack ran the streets eating trash and scaring cats.

This is a sad end for a scared rat living in a strange place. He could have been easily caught humanely and taken somewhere else but instead he was stabbed to death by a wimp with a pitchfork.

Nose jobs, eye lifts, and implants are all common plastic surgery procedures that have become more popular in recent years, and not just in humans.

The Telegraph UK reports that pet insurance claims for plastic surgery are up 25% in the past three years. Surgeries range from liposuction and tummy tucks to nose jobs and testicle implants. After a male dog’s testicles are removed during neutering, some owners have the doc toss in a couple “Neuticles” (aka fake testes) so the pup can keep is macho appearance.

The surgeries are almost always impractical and only serve the owner’s vanity. However, in some cases, animals do receiveplastic surgery for heath purposes. Some dogs have excess skin that can cover their eyes, obscuring their vision and increasing their risk of bacterial infection. In these cases, minor plastic surgery may be helpful.

It’s hard to imagine the personal sadness and insecurity that makes someone want to force their pet to get plastic surgery. I’d hope that vets and surgeons would straight up refuse to preform some of this work.

Natalie Irish paints with her lips

Is this real life? You might have to do a double take on this one! Lady Gaga Stylist and Creative Director @ Mugler, Nicola Formichetti, will be opening up a pop-up shop on September 8th at 57 Walker Street in Tribeca. Yeah… we’re definitely gonna go check this out! Here’s your exclusive preview of the store designed by architects Mark Foster Gage and Marc Clemenceau Bailly of Gage/Clemenceau.

Marc Jacobs Moving To Dior

Say it ain’t so! An insider at Dior has confidently reported that Marc Jacobs has moved from his role as Louis Vuitton’s creative director and joined the team over at Dior. “Marc Jacobs is indeed the new creative head,” said the Paris-based insider, adding that Jacobs is a “better fit” than John Galliano, who was sacked earlier in the year due to racist and anti-Semitic remarks. Apparently the deal is just “awaiting signatures”.

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