When I posted the “ladies take notes on the order” about what Beyonce did with her love life, I did not intend to start a riot on anti-feminism and whatnot. I am not talking about same sex couples, I am not saying this is EXCLUSIVELY what has to be done. I am no one to dictate that, so if you were offended with a simple line such as that, then I recommend you stand up from the computer, go outside, breathe some fresh air and relax. People need to stop giving so much importance to things posted on blogs and wasting their time fighting it. You don’t like a simple opinion? Ignore it. The internet is full of crap and insane ideals and there will always be something against your opinion; instead of wasting your time arguing it, keep going. Love, not hate. I will not stress myself and keep watching my words just to please everyone, this is my blog, and as much as I’m always giving my all for my readers, I’d like to receive some respect and nice treatment. Things posted here are stuff I find interesting, funny, witty, cool, whatever. Doesn’t mean those things should be turned into laws or taken literally word by word. Angelina Jolie happens to be one of my biggest idols and guess what? Hasn’t married. So no, I wasn’t speaking literally. It’d be nice that women stopped slutting around bringing babies to this world that will not be raised in a nice (possibly family-oriented) environment. I hope I made my point clear, and I hope you take yourself, my blog, and the world more lightly. Have a great weekend =)

2 thoughts on “

  1. Although, sometimes there will be “accident”, when people do not use contraceptive, knowing that they do not want baby…?? (I have no idea why.)

    However, there will be many people who agree to your statement of Beyonce too.

    Yes, you can never please the whole world.

    Go ahead with what you’re doing! I love your blog to the max! I look forward to seeing your posts EVERYDAY!

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