Celebrity With A Cause: 50-year-old Splash star Daryl Hannahwas arrested outside the White House today for refusing an order to leave a sit-in protest opposing the construction of an oil pipeline from Canada to the Gulf Coast, so she’s got that going for her which is nice.

Extra Digits: Yoandri Hernandez Garrido is something of a celebrity in his native Cuba for the simple fact that the man they call “Twenty-Four” was born with two extra fingers and two extra toes — all fully functional.

Garrido uses his extra digits to collect some extra cash, snapping photos with tourists and picking fruit from the tops of coconut trees.

This amazing anecdote, however, is free of charge: “One day when I was in primary school, a teacher asked me how much was five plus five,” Garrido is quoted as saying. “I was very young, kind of shy, and I didn’t say anything. She told me to count how many fingers I had, so I answered, ‘12! The teacher was a little upset, but it was the truth!”

Conrad Schumann

The most famous of these escapes was made by 19-year-old guard Conrad Schumann on August 15, 1961—50 years ago today—just the third day of the wall’s construction. Since the “wall” was really just piles of barbed wire at that point, Schumann jumped over the wire in his uniform while toting his machine gun. A photographer caught Schumann’s flying leap, and the jump to freedom became an iconic Cold War image. Schumann eventually settled in the southwestern state of Bavaria and worked as a machine operator. He committed suicide in 1998.

This Amphibian of Unusual Size was reportedly spotted in the mountains of Gemencheh, Malaysia, by a Chinese man who says his friend attempted to purchase it from a native tribesman.

According to the man, the Orang Asli requested double the amount offered, so his friend left to fetch the additional sum. Upon returning to the frog owner’s house, the friend learned that the beast had been consumed and that the Orang Asli had become gravely ill as a result.

Serves him right for eating was is clearly a small child in a frog suit.

NFS – Dutch Stutter Foundation billboard by Y&R Not Just Film, Amsterdam

Georgia based artist, Christopher Fennell built this bus shelter from 3 old school buses, years: 62’, 72’ and 77’. The seat is from one of Atlanta’s decommissioned city buses.

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