Heart-Breaking News: Tragedy struck the hockey world today as a Yak-42 passenger plane chartered by renowned KHL team Lokomotiv Yaroslavl reportedly hit a light post and crashed shortly after takeoff, killing 43 of the 45 people on board.

According to local media, the team’s entire roster was killed in the crash, save for winger Alexander Galimov who is critical condition. The other survivor is reportedly a flight engineer.

“We have no team any more,” team spokesman Vladimir N. Malkov is quoted as saying. “All our starting players, and all the service people, they all burned in the crash.”

The team was en route to Minsk, where they were to kickoff their 2011-12 KHL season. Speaking at the traditional Opening Cup game between last year’s finalists, KHL President Aleksandr Medvedev told the crowd “we will do our best to keep the high-level hockey in Yaroslavl.”

At the Berlin Zoological Garden, an adorable elephant calf playfully annoys its mother.

King B has been traveling with husband Jay-Z in Europe, celebrating her 30th birthday, which was September 4. After spending the weekend in Venice Italy, the couple was seen in Croatia on the beach having a good time. Beyoncé donned a frilly white bikini, showcasing her ever-growing baby bump!

My girl Beyoncé looks amazing! I love the ruffles, and it’s great to see her and hubby Jay just out and about enjoying themselves.  And this squashes the dumb rumors I’ve heard this past week that she was faking her pregnancy.

Berkeley-based artist Gregory Kloehn shows off his latest project: A dumpster that doubles as a fully furnished studio apartment.

All About Anna Dello Russo by Macy’s

On the left is Ali Lohan back in 2009 and on the right is someone the paps say is 17-year-old Ali Lohan in Beverly Hills yesterday

Incredible Hand Paintings by http://www.guidodaniele.com/

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