This Is All Kinds Of Wrong: Kyle Willis, a 24-year-old unemployed father of one from Cincinnati, passed away last week from an easily treatable tooth infection because he didn’t have health insurance and couldn’t afford a simple tooth extraction.

Willis began experiencing a wisdom tooth ache two weeks ago, and was told by dentists he would need to have it pulled. He didn’t have insurance to cover the procedure and couldn’t pay for it out of pocket, so he decided to skip treatment altogether.

After his face began to swell, Willis went to the emergency room, where he was prescribed antibiotics, which, again, he couldn’t afford. He decided to stick with pain medicine. The infection eventually spread to his brain causing it to swell.

He died last Tuesday.

American Academy of Family Physicians president-elect Dr. Glenn Stream says that, even if Willis had access to a free dental clinic, “the wait is often months…and this young man died within two weeks of his problem.”

“[Willis] might as well have been living in 1927,” Dr. Jim Jirjis, director of general internal medicine at Vanderbilt University, told ABC News. “All of the advances we’ve made in medicine today and are proud of, for people who don’t have coverage, you might as well never have developed those.”

Unfriendly Skies: Green Day lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong was recently ejected from a Southwest Airlines flight, reportedly because he refused to pull up his low-hanging pants.

According to ABC 7 Eyewitness News associate producer Cindy Qiu, who happened to be aboard the same Oakland-to-Burbank flight, Armstrong was on his way to his seat when he was approached by a flight attendant and asked to lift up his pants.

“Don’t you have better things to do than worry about that?,” Armstrong responded according to Qiu. The attendant asked again and was rebuffed again, at which point Armstrong and a traveling companion were escorted off the plane.

After Armstrong tweeted about his experience, he was contacted by a Southwest rep who arranged for him to take the next flight out. “As soon as we became aware of what had happened,” Southwest said in a statement. “we reached out to apologize for this Customer’s experience.”

Read: As soon as we learned who we kicked off the plane, we trampled over ourselves to make amends before this PR nightmare got any worse.

Nike Introducing Back to the Future Inspired Self-Lacing Shoes [Updated]

Harry Potter’s Resumé To Join The Aurors | Buzzfeed
Just slightly over qualified. 

Emma Watson’s Unfortunate New Perfume Commercial

A group of chimpanzees rescued from a laboratory in Austria just got their first dose of fresh air and sunshine in 30 years.

Shortly after they were born, these chimps were taken from their mothers and used for experimentation at a pharmaceutical laboratory in Austria. They were exposed to deadly illnesses like HIV and Hepatitis in order to test for possible “cures” and treatments. After a long torturous ordeal they were realesed to a sanctuary in 1997 but their introduction to fresh air and sunlight had to be slow.

This heartbreaking video captures their first interaction with the outside world.

And to think, Ninety-two percent of all drugs that pass animal testing fail the clinical trail phase after they prove ineffective or dangerous to humansThat means that any results that came out of torturing these guys was probably in vain because the likelihood of it working on humans is minuscule.

The torture is over, at least for these lucky few, and their reactions say more about the unethical nature of animal testing than any words ever could.

A man in Sweden became alarmed when he noticed that the sausage he was about to purchase contained 104 percent meat. Oddly enough, the company claims the figure is accurate.

The concerned customer told press, “Personally I can’t accept that anything contains over 100 percent. And this sausage couldn’t contain over 100 percent anything as there are other ingredients stated on the label.”

The CEO of the sausage company confirmed that the label was not misprinted, just misunderstood. He explained that “104g of meat have been used to produce every 100g of sausage.” Because of this reasoning, the company is standing by their claim that their product contains 104 percent meat.

Hmm. If there are other ingredients in the sausage besides meat, then it can’t even be 100 percent meat. Also, nothing in the universe can be 104 percent anything! Please, correct me if I’m missing something here.

Summer’s Over.

A California man has been arrested and released on a $5,000 bond after he couldn’t resist feeding some pigeons.

For the last year, police in California have been trying to get Charles Douglas to stop feeding the pigeons near Bob Hope Airport. In December 2010, Douglas was ordered by the court to not feed ANY birds for a year. He couldn’t resist. Douglas was spotted feeding the pigeons near the airport and was arrested at his work sometime later. He faces 6-months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

Airline officials worry that feeding the pigeons will increase their numbers and become an issue for flight safety. Bob Hope Airport has reported 5 “bird strikes” since July. Each strike means that 10-30 birds are hitting the plane or being sucked into the turbines. This could cause airplane damage but also isn’t a nice way for birds to die either.

I feel bad for Charles Douglas.  Jail time for scattering some seed? Even though bird strikes are serious, I feel like the authorities are being a little harsh.

restaurant interior in Kiev by Serghii Makhno & Vasiliy Butenko

ThumbSaver – magnetic nail setter

“How deadly is your diet?” – Greg Slater for the American Heart Association

truth based packaging by TrustoCorp


James Hopkins plays with perspective


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