This Is All Kinds Of Wrong: On Sunday, September 11th, two passenger planes had to be escorted to their destination by F-16 jets after suspicious activity was reported on board.

One of those flights, Frontier Flight 623, landed at Detroit’s Metropolitan Airport, and was met on the runway by FBI agents and a SWAT unit. Three passengers — two men of Indian descent and a woman — were removed from coach in bracelets, and taken into custody.

The female detainee, as it turns out, was Jewish Arab blogger Shoshana Hebshi.

“Silly me,” Hebshi writes in a post describing her ordeal, “I thought flying on 9/11 would be easy.” Hebshi says she had never been profiled before, despite the Arab features she got from her Saudi Arabian dad.

“Because I am my father’s daughter I am aware of the possibility of anti-Arab and anti-Semitic sentiments that have increased dramatically,” she says, “but luckily  no members of my family nor myself have had to endure what so many others have gone through in this country and throughout the world.”

All that changed Sunday when Hebshi was handcuffed, locked up, and strip-searched — all because a passenger aboard her plane thought she looked suspicious.

“You understand why we have to do this, right? It’s for our own protection,” said the female officer responsible for administering the search. “Because I am so violent,” Hebshi thought to herself. “And pulling me off an airplane, handcuffing me and patting me down against a squad car didn’t offer enough protection. They also needed to make sure all my orifices were free and clear.”

After all was said and done, an FBI agent apologized to Hebshi and thanked her for her cooperation. “It’s 9/11 and people are seeing ghosts,” the agent told her, adding that the FBI “had to act on a report of suspicious behavior, and this is what the reaction looks like.”

But to Hebshi, who says she won’t be flying on September 11 any time soon, these excuses ring hollow:

In the aftermath of my events on Sept. 11, 2011, I feel violated, humiliated and sure that I was taken from the plane simply because of my appearance…We live in a complicated world that, to me, seems to have reached a breaking point. The real test will be if we decide to break free from our fears and hatred and truly try to be good people who practice compassion–even toward those who hate.

Next time you get behind the driver’s seat, take a moment to think about the shocking images in this reckless driving PSA.

Mug Shot of the Day: Manny Ramirez, who retired from major league baseball in April after testing positive for a banned substance, was arrested Monday at his Weston, Florida home, and charged with one count of domestic violence battery.

According to a Broward Sheriff’s Office arrest affidavit [pdf], Ramirez’s wife Juliana told an officer that the two were fighting in the master bedroom when Ramirez “struck her in the left side of her face causing her to hit her head against the headboard of the bed.”

Ramirez told the officer that he did not strike his wife, but rather grabbed her by the shoulders and “shrugged her,” causing her to hit her head.

Police noted that Mrs. Ramirez had red swelling where she had allegedly been slapped, as well as a small contusion on the back of her head. The affidavit also notes that the couple “refused to cooperate and give a taped statement.”

Ramirez was booked into Broward County jail.

There are myriad everyday activities that we “sighties” take for granted. For instance: Withdrawing money from an ATM.

Tommy Edison the Blind Film Critic demonstrates the modern ATM’s accessibility, or, rather, its striking lack thereof.

Behind the Scenes of Kanye’s Never-Aired Comedy Central Puppet Show, Animal Boots | Vulture

Why, oh why could this not be a thing? From the makers of Crank Yankers, the show was to be a “hip hop Muppet Show.”

For the record, this is where that Kanye-signing-his-own-headshot still came from.

Also, Kim Kardashian in a Slave Leia costume.

In case you missed it, here is the final scene from the series finale ofEntourage. Seems like a weird way to end such an amazing show.

A Chicago-area woman is dead after she injected beef fat into her face.

The 63-year old had a regular routine of boiling beef until the fat liquefied and could be injected into her face with a syringe as a sort of DIY collagen. After the injections, her face was reported to be “grotesque” and her lips and mouth became severely infected. Surprisingly, the medical examiner thinks a colon infection and not the injections are what killed her.

Shooting beef into your face may seem risky but so does eating the stuff. Red meat is actually very bad for your colon and eating it increases your risk of colon cancer by 30-40%.

Judging by this story alone, eating beef seems more dangerous than boiling it, putting it in a syringe, and shooting it into your face.

Matt Damon Defends Teachers.

Duane Edward Buck, an African-American Death Row inmate convicted in 1997 of killing two people while under the influence of drugs, is scheduled to be executed in Huntsville, Texas, this Thursday.

But his lawyers, a prosecutor responsible for his death sentence, and a woman he shot, are requesting clemency for Buck because they believe he did not receive a fair trial.

According to Buck’s lawyer, Kate Black, his 1997 conviction was tainted by the testimony of Dr. Walter Quijano, a psychologist who told jurors Buck was likely to be violent again in the future because he is black.

In order to recommend capital punishment, the jury must determine the likelihood of “future danger” posed by the defendant. Quijano initially suggested that Buck did not pose a “future danger” because he had no priors. However, when asked by a prosecutor whether Buck’s race “increases the future dangerousness,” the doctor responded affirmatively.

Quijano made similar remarks in six other cases that resulted in a death sentences. After Texas state attorneys admitted that race should not have been a factor in the jury’s decision, all six cases were retried.

The Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles has already voted to reject the clemency request, and the Harris County district attorney’s office has flatly refused to take any action. All eyes are now on Gov. Rick Perry, who has the authority to grant Buck a 30-days reprieve, which would give his lawyers the time they needed to arrange an unbiased do-over.

“We urge Gov. Perry to grant a temporary reprieve to allow all parties involved to work together to ensure that Mr. Buck receives a new and fair sentencing hearing untainted by race-based testimony,” said Black.

A Perry spokeswoman told the Texas Tribune that his office had not yet received a reprieve request, but, once it is received, “just like every other request for a 30-day reprieve, it will be reviewed.”

According to WashPo:

To promote the film, Warner Bros. Canada embraced the film’s theme and created two small billboards made entirely from bacteria.

YouTube video shows the process in which “two large Petri dishes were inoculated with live bacteria including penicillin, mold and pigmented bacteria.”

Tupac Shakur died 15 years ago today — he died at the age of 25 in a September 1996 drive-by shooting in Las Vegas. He had been wounded five times in a similar shooting in 1994.

Sadly, Tupac is one of many Talented Musicians Who Died Before 30.

7 of 9 Witnesses say my Brother is Innocent. Stop Troy Davis’ Execution on September 21st.

WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT”My brother, Troy Davis, has been on Georgia’s death row for 20 years despite strong evidence of his innocence. His execution date is now scheduled for Wed, Sept 21. He has a hearing in front of the GA Board of Pardons & Parole two days beforehand.We need to tell the Board strongly and clearly: There’s too much doubt to execute Troy Davis!

The case against my brother Troy consisted entirely of witness testimony which contained inconsistencies even at the time of the trial. Since then, seven out of nine witnesses from the trial have recanted or contradicted their testimony.

Many of these witnesses have stated in sworn affidavits that they were pressured or coerced by police into testifying or signing statements against Troy Davis. Here is what one had to say:

“I got tired of them harassing me, and they made it clear that the only way they would leave me alone is if I told them what they wanted to hear. I told them that Troy told me he did it, but it wasn’t true.”

We need to tell the Board strongly and clearly: There’s too much doubt to execute Troy Davis!”


Johnny Depp On The Set Of His New Movie, Michael Jackson Twilight |

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