Maybe if the timing had been different. Maybe if you were different.

There really is only one acceptable response to that question.

Kanye West will unveil his first womenswear collection during Paris fashion week. The S/S 2012 collection will be shown as apart of the official schedule at 9.30pm on October 1, directly after Jean Paul Gauliter and Loewe, contrary to reports that West was going for a presentation-style format for key editors only. The looks are being kept under lock and key but we’re already getting excited for the most talked-about show of the season which, if it’s anything like its designer, is sure to be larger than life.

Everyone has one- that one guy you just cannot seem to erase no matter how hard you try. He is the one who inconveniently pops into your mind just moments before you fall asleep, the name you hope to see appear on your phone, the guy who took an irretrievable piece of you at a time during your past. He may have been the one who hurt you or maybe you were the one who hurt him. Regardless of how it worked out, he is the guy you will never forget and the one you are thinking about while reading this. Yep…everyone has one.

This x That:
Know This:
Obama administration links to bankrupt solar panel maker Solyndra “an embarrassment”; Obama’s Solyndra woes grow as political complications mount; Solyndra problems may hurt re-election bid; infographic: Solyndra investment vs. Military Boondoggles; related: Obama 20 days away from becoming most scandal-free president since 1977.
Read This:
Dr. Oz claims apple juice is full of arsenic; FDA says he’s full of crap.
The Daily Mail lifts Washington Post article, asks them for help finding photo.
German politician sees nothing wrong with impersonating Obama in blackface. See Also: An Open Letter To The University Of Montreal Students Who Wore Black Face.
A heterosexual, married, North Carolinian father of three explains why he cares about LGBT equality.
The next big CIA thriller from Hollywood may be penned by the CIA.
Brad Pitt clarifies Jennifer Aniston statement, says it wasn’t her it was him.
You Don’t Say: Nobody likes 3-D movies.
Ron Artest officially changes name to Metta World Peace.
The Other:
NewsFeed: Tennessee Veggie Lover’s Vanity License Plate Banned for ‘Vulgarity’.
Tea x Time List: 5 Things You Do Every Day That Are Actually Addictions.
[image: reddit.]

Sometimes love is not enough.

Ever get to point in a relationship where you go, “ I love you but if I have to be around you one more second I’m going to do you bodily harm?” I’ve had a few of those … everyone has had those moments.

Love isn’t perfect, we will all have our bad days, drive each other crazy, and have disagreements. But when a relationship between two people goes bad, then sometimes love really isn’t enough.

Sometimes it hits you that the person you love may not feel the same for you, makes you unhappy, might cheat on you, prevent you from being you, hurts you in anyway continuously; despite how much you love them, you need to realize you might have to walk away. If the person you are with isn’t happy, or you are hurting them more by being with them, then sometimes you need to let them go as well.

I loved a man very much, and he loved me as well. Sure, he was kind, fun, smart, someone I enjoyed hanging out with, but things just started to fall apart. I wasn’t happy, I wasn’t me. I got tired of trying to make things work. So one day, enough was enough. It hurt, sometimes it still does.

Walking away from someone you love hurts. Sometimes letting go of someone one who loves you hurts too. You’ve got to do what’s best for you, and sometimes them. Love can be as easy as holding a hand, and kissing someone goodnight. It also can be as hard as walking away knowing your heart only beats for them.

And now I’m here, with this new life, and a new place, and I’m in love with it. I’m in love with my new life. But I miss you. I miss your bed. I miss the nook in your arms where I would lie. I miss hearing you say how comfortable we were together.
I miss kissing you and laughing with you.

Love can change.

Like Baskin Robin ice cream flavors, there are many types of love, and the flavors can change often! One minute it can be an intense all-consuming love, and the next minute it’s gone completely off the menu. It can switch between and from intense love, friendly love, deeply passionate love, caring love, devoted love, etc.

I also find that things always change after the ‘honeymoon’ period is over and you really get to know who you’ve fallen in love with. Sure, sometimes it’s good change. You realize you love the true person they are, and maybe you think how they organize their underwear by color, year, and make is really awesome ( Hey whatever rocks your socks! I won’t judge!). Other times you realize their personality and little quirks, like being berated for not decompressing all the air out of the bag of a loaf of bread, will drive you up a wall.

The time I have spent with you has made me look forward to the next time we see each other, whether it be tomorrow, next month, next year, 10 years from now or when you finally return from this exciting journey your about to take part on. It is the best feeling knowing that some of your best days are just waiting to be lived out. Doing anything with you seems extraordinary to me.

While it lasted we had some of those things some people are yet to experience. We are the lucky ones, to meet somebody and get along so well instantly. To have a crazy connection with somebody you barely know but it’s something you hear people talk about and read about. While we had it it’s was real, it was great, it was really great.

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