“The more I think it over, the more I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”

Vincent Van Gogh

When love is lost, do not bow your head in sadness; instead, keep your head up high and gaze at the stars because that is where your broken heart has been sent to heal, and remember, we gather strength from sadness and from pain. Each time we die, we learn to live again.

realize now that when your heart breaks, you got to fight like hell to make sure you’re still alive. because you are. and that pain you feel? that’s life. the confusion and fear? that’s there to remind you that somewhere out there is something better, and that something is worth fighting for. all of us have had this experience. at some point, we have each said through our tears, “i’m suffering for a love that’s not worth it.” we suffer because we feel we are giving more than we receive. we suffer because our love is going unrecognized. we suffer because we are unable to impose our own rules.

because sometimes there is no easy way out. you just have to grin and bear it. sometimes the only escape route is to go straight through the flames, just brace yourself and bite your lip. sometimes you have to sever the ties clean off. because in every relationship there comes a point when the damage is too much and no matter how good it once was, the memories can’t sustain you. you have to save yourself knowing all the while it will hurt like hell. because you can’t keep giving someone everything if you get nothing in return. loves are like empires: when the idea they are founded on crumbles, they, too, fade away. never be taken in by poets who claim that love, if it’s pure, will never fade. though love may last all right in a bibliography, in the real world, it’s far too easily unmade.

you don’t have to wait for someone to treat you bad repeatedly. all it takes is once, and if they get away with it that once, if they know they can treat you like that, then it sets the pattern for the future. and no one deserves to be treated that way. so even if you love with your entire heart, every fiber of your being, with so much passion that it hurts to think about it, you need to forget what you want and remember what you deserve.

“When you are young, you think it’s going to be solved by love. But it never is. Being close — as close as you can get — to another person only makes clear that impassable distance between you.

If being in love only made people more lonely, why would everyone want it so much?

Because of the illusion. You fall in love, it’s intoxicating, and for a little while you feel like you’ve actually become one with the other person. Merged souls and so on. You think you’ll never be lonely again.”

Nicole Krauss



“Google is where we go for answers. People used to go elsewhere or, more likely, stagger along not knowing. Nowadays you can’t have a long dinner-table argument about who won the Oscar for that Neil Simon movie where she plays an actress who doesn’t win an Oscar; at any moment someone will pull out a pocket device and Google it.”

How Google Dominates Us

One Day in the Life of Daniel Radcliffe by Tim Hailand

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett



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