I Guess You Don’t Want To Talk To Me Anymore is a photo project by Kelly Shimoda that explores the strange, funny, and sometimes shocking things we communicate via txt message.

Emmy Awards Wrap Up:

— The show opened with a song and dance number that featured everybodyexcept Alec Baldwin.

— Steven Levitan’s wife was not amused.

— “Welcome back to the Modern Family Awards.”

— Jane Lynch was not very nice to Ricky Gervais.

— Charlie Sheen was shockingly sober and selfless.

— Louie was robbed.

— Amy Poehler, Melissa McCarthy, Edie Falco, Laura Linney, and Tina Fey won a collective Emmy for Outstanding Intro to an Award Announcement.

— Ashton Kutcher thought he was replacing Steve Carell on The Office. Get it? (Also: Captain Mal!)

— Jon Stewart showed us his Bachmann face.

— Lonely Island did a medley of their songs, freaked Bill Macy.

— Martin Scorcese thanks Mark Wahlberg, universe remains surprisingly in tact.

— Peter Dinklage was not robbed (and remembered to thank his dog walker).

— Coach!

— Entourage accepted an award on behalf of Maggie Smith. It was that kind of night.

— RIP In Memoriam montages.

— Kate Winslet is one win away from an EGOT. (Needs a Tony to complete the set).

— The teleprompter was broken, so Gwyneth Paltrow winged it.

— Complete list of winners (if you’re into that sort of thing).

— In closing, here’s Jimmy Fallon grudge-clapping for Jon Stewart (via.)

Kirk Originals eyewear London store

chair by Anton Björsing

Horten headquarters by 3XN architects


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