Anything this man does is of quality, so this will obviously be something to look out for (especially if you’re in Milan)! Next month Louis Vuitton will be unveiling a brand new exhibition paying tribute to their creative director Marc Jacobs – perhaps as a thank you before he leaves for Dior? The show will be taking place at Milan’s Triennale during Fashion Week and will feature the designer’s work since he started at LV in 1997.

The exhibition will run from 22 September trough 9 October, 2011.

Triennale di Milano
Viale Alemagna, 6

Prada have just released their Fantasy Lookbook for the Fall/Winter season. Genius! The lookbook is a creative pop-up scrap book of inspiration behind the collection, featuring the models wearing the most stand out designs from the collection. The video above is directed by James Lima with Art Direction by AMO and artwork by Jeroen Koolhaas and Lok Jansen.

Bob’s Red Mill’s standing as a conscious and compassionate company is about to take a serious hit. The grain seller is donating $25 million to the Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU), an institution responsible for extensive animal testing.

Bob and Charlee Moore of Bob’s Red Mill have chosen to give OHSU this massive donation for “nutrition education” and “research on obesity and other diseases.” OHSU will not deny that the funds will be used to conduct animal experimentation or provide a special guarantee that these funds won’t be spent on animal testing.

OHSU is one of the most notorious animal testing schools in the world.  According to whistleblowers, OHSU hires unqualified low-paid workers to conduct sloppy and unscientific experiments. Animals, like baby monkeys, are kept in cramped cages in standing water and bodily fluids where disease and sickness are rampant. All the experiments, including the most absurd ones, are done in the name of “health research.” A few years ago, OHSU famously spent close to $1 million terrorizing baby monkeys with Mr. Potato Head dolls as part of an obesity study.

When I heard Bob’s was donating to support OHSU I immediately contacted both parties. After several exchanges, neither party will deny that the funds will be spent on animal testing. Bob’s is avoiding discussing animal testing altogether and OHSU is defending their legacy of experimentation. Jim Newman from OHSU told me over e-mail that, “There are currently no other ways to obtain this info that assists both human and animal medicine.”

Bob’s Red Mill runs a serious risk by taking their customer’s money and giving it to a notorious animal tester.  Their loyal customer base of animal lovers and vegans may boycott them if they choose to go through with the donation.

To encourage OHSU to stop their animal experimentation, tweet@OHSUnews or @ONPRC

To express your disappointment over the donation, tweet @Bobs_Red_Mill or contact them via their site.

Professional pet photographer Teresa Bergmanaged to help increase the adoption rate at the Dallas-Fort Worth Dachshund Rescue by 100% through the relatively simple act of taking better dog adoption photos.

Navy Lt. Gary Ross (r) and his partner of 11 years, Dan Swezy, exchange vows at 12:01 AM on September 20, 2011 — the moment “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” officially became null and void.

The Arizona couple chose to tie the knot in Vermont so they could be legally united at the first possible moment after the discriminatory law’s official repeal.

Though they enjoy being photographed, many Mongolian nomads have never seen a physical photo of themselves.

Enter: Teenagers Vanessa Hollander and Wilson Philippe, who recently went on a ten-day motorcycle tour of the world’s most sparsely populated country,bringing their Fuji Instax Mini with them.

They write:

[E]ach person photographed really prized and protected his or her polaroid (fearing that we wanted to keep it), and barely let us see it when it was developed! the children automatically stored it away once we showed them what was the very first picture of themselves. it was a really great and humbling experience and showed us how much just one photograph can mean to people who have never had one of themselves.

In 1991, Troy Davis was convicted of murdering off-duty policeman Mark MacPhail in parking lot in Savannah, Georgia, and sentenced to die.

As no physical evidence connected Davis to the crime, and a murder weapon was never found, the conviction was entirely based on the testimony of nine witnesses, seven of whom have since recanted all or part of sworn statements.

Several of the witnesses said they were pressured by police officers to place the blame on Davis, while ten new witnesses have since come forward to say Sylvester “Redd” Coles — the man who reported Davis to the cops — was the real murderer.

Despite a slew of doubts concerning his guilty, Davis is on course to be executed Wednesday night at 7 PM by lethal injection. The Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles today denied his request for clemency, even after hearing from a juror in Davis’s trial who said the verdict could no longer be trusted.

last-ditch effort to prevent Davis — who has had three previous stays of executions — from being put to death is underway, but many fear Davis’s legal avenues have unjustly reached a dead end.

Byron Spellman, 16, left, Robert Coleman, 15, center, and Elijah West, 16, right, are a few of the local Savannah youths who stood in front of a crowd Saturday at Sacred Heart Church wearing t-shirts implying that they are Troy Davis. They wanted to represent to the community that this unfortunate circumstance could happen to anyone at any age and that Troy Davis could have just as easily been them. One speaker said that people are walking around Savannah at this very moment without a care in the world and turning their heads to this situation, and they will continue to do so until it is their own loved one whose fate will be decided by an unjust system.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 | Blu Ray & DVD release 11.11.11

Kanye West will present his S/S 12 collection at Paris fashion week
According to HB Australia, Kanye West will unveil his first womenswear collection during Paris fashion week. The S/S 2012 collection will be shown as apart of the official schedule at 9.30pm on October 1, directly after Jean Paul Gauliter and Loewe, contrary to reports that West was going for a presentation-style format for key editors only.

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