Lest we forget the ongoing political violence in Syria, the story of Zainab and Mohammed Alhusni brings us back to reality. Last week, a gruesome video surfaced reportedly showing the decapitated and mutilated body of 18-year-old Zainab Alhusni. (Note: Despite my typical lack of hesitation to post graphic videos on this blog, I will not post this video. You can find it easily enough if you look.) The Alhusni family was dealt two large losses in one day: discovering the bodies of their daughter Zainab and son Mohammed.

CNN’s Salma Abdelaziz wrote a detailed piece Monday on the brother and sister and human rights group Amnesty International also released information last week on their deaths.

According to a family neighbor, Mohammed Alhusni was a well-known activist whom Syrian authorities tried to find for several months. The family left their neighborhood on July 25 after their home was raided several times. Two days later, Zainab went missing.

Authorities reportedly called the family and wanted to exchange Zainab for her brother Mohammed. The family refused, not knowing if Zainab was alive.

After joining a demonstration on September 10, Mohammed was killed, allegedly tortured to death and with gunshot wounds to his chest and mouth, according to his brother. When the family went to pick up his body at the hospital, they made an unsettling discovery. Warning: graphic detail.

The family went to collect Mohammed’s body from a hospital when doctors told them another unclaimed body with the label “Zainab Alhusni” had been kept in the morgue’s freezer for some time.

When the family received the body, her head and arms had been chopped off. Chunks of her flesh were charred, appearing in places to have been melted or burned down to the bone.

Philip Luther, Amnesty International’s deputy director for the Middle East and North Africa, responded to the news of her death: “If it is confirmed that Zainab was in custody when she died, this would be one of the most disturbing cases of a death in detention we have seen so far.”

Read more at CNN.


Harper, an 11-week-old pit bull born with a debilitating disorder commonly known as “swimmer puppy disorder,” was found in a trash bag and brought to a shelter to be euthanized.

Dogs with pectus excavatum can’t walk and aren’t expected to survive, but Harper was lucky enough to find shelter regular Erica Daniel, who took the puppy home and, with a little TLC, slowly helped Harper learn to stand on her own four paws.

Daniel admits falling in love with Harper was not what she had in mind — “I’d planned on taking her home that night,” she told NBC’s Today, “letting her sleep in bed with us, and having her humanely euthanized in the morning” — but felt she couldn’t just give up, especially after seeing Harper’s determination to walk around on her own.

“The whole world was against her, but she’s such a fighter,” says Daniel. “She’s a blessing. She’s awesome.”

The Beinecke Library at Yale.

I wonder how many books, or better yet, how many words are gathered there in that tower.

Someone please tell the New York Times that, at $199 vs. the iPad’s $499, the Kindle Fire’s price won’t so much “undercut” as it will “chop everything off below the iPad’s nipples.”


this was quite possibly the very best news cast I have ever seen, in my entire life.

Meanwhile, the “99 percent” wrapped up the 11th day of their Wall Street “occupation” with some “star power” in the form of Susan Sarandon, who lent her support to the cause.

I’ll just leave this right here…

Libya: Use Forensic Experts to Exhume Prison Grave

Unprofessional Exhumations Can Destroy Evidence of 1996 Abu Salim Killings

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