“December may be the loneliest month, April the cruelest, but May is the peak time for suicide. No one knows why, but I can guess: You’ve made it through another winter, but your world is no warmer.”
Roxanne Roberts The Grieving Never Ends

Peter Coulson puts such an effective high fashion spin on this shoot that you might not, at first glance, realise the clothing comes from Gallery Serpentine – purveyors of corsetry and alternative couture. But that’s Coulson’s specialty: mixing fashion with fetish. Actual fetish, not just the latest Louis Vuitton patent leather cap interpretation. Model Alicia has the right mix of soft beauty and hard piercings, all brought out strikingly by Coulson’s strong black and white photography style.

It’s not necessarily about dressing on trend; but then if the mood is right not all fashion shoots have to be.

Photographer: Peter Coulson 
Model: Alicia @ London Models
Hair & Make-up: Natascha Verkaik
Designer: Gallery Serpentine
Assistant: Kelly Defina

Don’t be a part of this. Break the effect.


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