Narwhals: Jousting for Superiority

For a brief period during the summer weeks the sea ice around arctic inlets melts, leaving the ocean waters dotted with floating icebergs. Great chunks of ice drift serenely through freezing waters, and arctic birds stand watch ready to pluck their prey from the icy depths. This is the perfect time to view one of the ocean’s most elusive spectacles: male Narwhals – the unicorns of the sea – jousting for superiority…

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Watch a bunch of surfers rescue a great white shark pup that became stranded near Venice Pier after getting snagged on a fishing line.

RIP: Heidi, the cross-eyed opossum who gained fame and fortune in her native Germany because of her crossed eyes, was put to sleep by her handlers at Leipzig Zoo. She was three-and-a-half.

The zoo said its hand was forced by Heidi’s chronic illnesses, specifically arthritis, which zoo director Jörg Junhold attributed to old age. Opossums aren’t generally expected to live longer than four years.

Heidi was born in May 2008. She resided in Denmark’s Odense Zoo before being transferred to Leipzig, where she was unveiled to the public in December 2010.

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